What Makes A Deed Valid In Laguna Beach?

A Quick Guide To What Makes A Deed Valid In California

Under California law, simply signing a piece of paper and stating that you are giving the property to someone else is insufficient. Remember, deeds are legal documents, so it needs to be well-planned, properly worded, and very specific.

Here's a quick guide to what makes a deed valid and invalid, as often handled by our Laguna Beach Estate Planning Lawyers in California.

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What Makes A Deed Valid?

As said, deeds are legal documents that need to be detailed and specific about what the owner wants with their property. So, if the current owner plans to transfer it to someone, either through inheritance, gifting, or sale, it needs to be very clear about them.

The following needs to be on a deed for it to be considered a valid one:

  • The name of the person giving (Grantor)

  • The name of the person receiving (Grantee)

  • It must be stated in the document that the property is being conveyed, granted, or quitclaimed (depending on what the Grantor wants to do with it)

  • The correct property identification, which usually includes the legal description or the address

  • The Grantor must be competent at the time the document was written or executed

  • The Grantee must be able to hold title to the property (no pets or people who have passed away)

  • The Grantee must accept the transfer of ownership, and the document must be presented