Who Can Sue For Copyright Infringement In West Covina?

The Basics Of Copyright Laws In California

Originality and innovation are essential elements to a business' success. Not to mention, coming up with new products, designs, or any other innovations for your business takes time, effort, and creativity.

That said, you don't want people to steal all your ideas and profit off of them. So in this post, we'll discuss California Copyright Laws and you can fight for your intellectual property.

California business law

What Is A Copyrighted Material?

When an individual or company comes up with a new product, design, or innovation, it can be registered as copyrighted material.

Whoever is registered as a copyright holder has the sole right to profit from said material.

What Is Copyright Infringement?

In essence, copyright infringement occurs when you use one or more of a copyright owner's exclusive rights. As a result, if you use someone else's work without permission, you risk being sued.

The exclusive rights of the copyright owner are as follows:

  • Create duplicates of their work.

  • Make a work that is derivative.

  • Make copies of the work available to a larger audience.

  • Display the work that has been copyrighted.

  • Make content that is copyright protected available for purchase (i.e., merchandise)

  • Perform or play the material (i.e., audio recordings, songs, movies, etc.)