What Is The California Medical Lien Law?

Crucial Things You Need To Know About Medical Liens In California

Health care is expensive, so what should you do if you don't have enough money to cover your injury-related expenses upfront? Accidents can have a considerable influence on your body and health. Documentation of your injuries from a hospital or medical facility might help prove your claim if you consider legal action or expect compensation from an insurance company.

However, how can you pay for these expenses while you and your California personal injury lawyer wait for a private settlement or a court decision?

medi-cal liens in personal injury cases

Medi-Cal Liens In Personal Injury Cases

By permitting aggrieved parties to employ medical liens, California law provides a remedy for the potentially exorbitant expenditures of health care. In brief, medical liens allow patients to avoid paying for services upfront and instead utilize the settlement to reimburse the hospital or medical personnel.

Depending on the care you receive type and location, these liens may be statutory or contractual. For example, you can seek emergency medical assistance at a hospital following your accident and use a hospital lien to settle the charges.

In a vehicle accident, the hospital sends a written notice to the responsible party or insurance company. The hospital is named a payee of a portion of your settlement in this notice.

medical lien california

If you intend to employ a contractual medical lien, inquire about your selected doctor's or specialist's readiness to accept this payment method. However, it may be challenging to locate a doctor who will agree to a contractual medical lien because of the long time frames involved in injury claims and the possibly high expense of medical treatment.</