What You Need To Know About California Probate In 2022

A Quick Guide To Probate Laws In Burbank, California

Probate can be perplexing and challenging to grasp. You won't be able to avoid it in most estate law issues, though. But, given the stakes involved in the probate of properties and assets, going in blind would put you at a disadvantage.

Let's start with the most common questions our pre-screened Burbank Estate Law Attorneys are asked concerning California Probate Laws.

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How Much Time Does It Take To Get A Will?

According to California law, a will executor or other representative of the deceased must finish the probate procedure within one year of their appointment (typically months after the date of death) or formally explain their inability to the court.

The process might take anywhere from 18 to 24 months, depending on how busy the courts are or if an error is made along the route.

A Burbank Estate Law Attorney can help you organize and compile important papers while also reminding you of important dates.

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How Much Do You Pay For Probate In Burbank, California?

Court fees, executor's fees, property assessment fees, pricing for certified copies of documents, accounting fees, and legal fees are all part of the probate process.

If a Will is challenged, or if beneficiaries disagree with the distribution in any way, the expenses will almost certainly be far higher, and the process could take years.