What's Changed For California Sex Crime Laws In 2022?

A Quick Guide To New Criminal Law Updates For 2022

Laws change and evolve, and California's criminal law is no exception. This also means that your access and approach to the legal system might need to change—which is especially crucial for sex crimes and the protection of rights.

So, here's a quick guide on the legal updates every client and California Criminal Lawyer should know:

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What's New In California's Sex Crime Laws?

Laws are governed by how things are defined and phrased. These are crucial aspects of sex crimes, as they have different degrees of possible punishment and the way the case itself is handled in court.

The definitions for the crime and the facts of the case will also guide your Los Angeles Criminal Law Attorney on the best route to take.

Here are two of the most important changes to California Sex Crime Laws effective this 2022:

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1. AB-453: Non-Consensual Condom Removal Is Now Considered Sexual Battery

This bill amends the existing civil sexual battery statute to include non-consensual condom removal (NCCR).

This bill adds NCCR to the existing civil sexual battery statute, making it a civil sexual battery for a person to: