Can A Concussion or Head Injury Affect My Settlement Claim In California?

How Concussions Will Be Considered In A California Car Accident Settlement

There's a reason why you're advised to see a doctor after a car accident, even when you haven't sustained visible bruising or lacerations. Some cases of concussions don't present immediate symptoms, but they can have worrying effects in the long run.

That said, how big of a deal are concussions in personal injury cases?

Let's look at the critical factors relevant to car accidents, concussions, and settlements, as California car accident lawyers handle them.

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Why Concussions And Head Injuries Are A Huge Deal In California Car Accident Claims

A recent study shows that TBIs increase the risk of Parkinson's in later life. This includes concussions with little to no symptoms. This study affects how car accident and concussion settlements are handled. It implies that TBIs can have more lasting effects than previously observed.

Since car accident settlements are meant to compensate victims for their physical, emotional, and financial losses, an increased risk of Parkinson's disease might lead to more damages and losses in the future. A California personal injury lawyer would consider these when calculating your damages.

Damages for Concussion Related Injuries In California

The average settlement for concussions from car accidents in California is calculated through the following factors: