Getting Compensation For Catastrophic Injuries In Los Angeles

Can I Get Compensation for a Catastrophic injury in California?

Catastrophic injuries are severe, frequently life-changing wounds that could make it difficult for a person to work or enjoy life. In addition to substantial medication, physical therapy, mental health counseling, and even housing or car modifications, many accident survivors with severe injuries need these treatments.

Millions of dollars in lifetime damages are not unusual for someone who has sustained a catastrophic injury. For this reason, contact a catastrophic injury attorneys in Los Angeles if you or a loved one experienced a catastrophic injury due to someone else's negligence.

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Suing For Catastrophic Injuries In Los Angeles, California

You or a member of your family who was hurt catastrophically may be eligible for compensation through a catastrophic injury claim in Los Angeles. Likewise, you might have a case if another person's carelessness or inactivity harmed you or a loved one. Again, it is best to consult with top personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles to learn more about your legal alternatives.

California's strict comparative negligence law might reduce your compensation if you or a loved one contributed to the accident. Therefore, choosing Los Angeles personal injury lawyers with knowledge of handling situations with severe injuries is crucial.

To assist their clients in determining the exact cost of their damages, many attorneys who handle cases involving catastrophic injuries consult with medical specialists and other experts. An expert attorney can represent you in settlement negotiations, protect evidence, and possibly unearth fresh evidence. If you and your Catastrophic Injury Lawyer In California cannot come to a settlement with the other party, your case could need to go to trial.

A settlement or jury verdict is crucial for accident survivors with severe injuries. In addition, compensation can assist in covering costs linked with the damage, such as lost wages or medical expenses.

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Calculating Damages For A Catastrophic Injury

As mentioned, you can get compensation for catastrophic injuries in Santa Monica, California. Under California personal injury laws, you can claim for both economic and non-economic damages, including:

  • Medical bills

  • Rehab fees

  • Doctor's fees

  • Lost income

  • Emotional distress

  • Pain and Suffering

That said, you might have suffered other losses than the ones listed above. Therefore, you need to review them with Los Angeles Catastrophic Injury Lawyers to cover all your losses.

What Kinds of Catastrophic Accidents Occur in California?

Catastrophic injuries may make it difficult for a person to live alone, work, or engage in romantic or other types of relationships. Examples of typical catastrophic injuries are as follows:

  • damage to the spinal cord and the ensuing paralysis

  • Including severe concussions, brain traumas

  • the outcome of severe burns being disfiguring

  • limb or limbs being amputated

  • trauma-related stress disorder (PTSD)