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Recovering Damages For Pedestrian Accident In Irvine, California

Updated: Nov 28

A Quick Guide For Victims Of Pedestrian Accidents In California

Pedestrians are the most parties vulnerable in road accidents. Yet, compared to a defendant on a car or a motorcycle, a pedestrian doesn't have any form of protection from the collision. Since they're more vulnerable, they're also more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries due to the accident.

These injuries could result in costly medical bills and grave emotional distress. So, if someone causes your accident, you must file personal injury claims in Irvine. This will enable you to get compensation for the losses you suffer due to the accident, allowing you to recover physically, emotionally, and economically.

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What's A Personal Injury Claim In Irvine, California?

The goal of filing a personal injury claim in California is to get compensation from a liable party. Being liable means they're the ones responsible for the accident. Hence they should also pay you for the financial and emotional costs.

A prescreened Irvine Personal Injury Attorney can help you file these claims, conduct investigations to strengthen your case, and represent you in claims negotiations.

Caveat: Catastrophic Injury Claims In California

As mentioned, pedestrians are vulnerable, so they're more likely to sustain life-altering injuries due to the accident. When this happens, they could file a catastrophic injury claim for accidents in Irvine.

Since catastrophic injuries tend to be more costly, the compensation you'll get from a successful claim can be valued several times more than injuries you can recover from in a relatively shorter time.

Caveat: Wrongful Death Claims In California

If someone dies due to a pedestrian accident, their families can file wrongful death claims on their behalf. So, if you, unfortunately, lost a family member due to a pedestrian accident, you can file claims to get compensation for burial fees, medical expenses, loss of household income, and emotional distress.

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How Much Can You Get From Your Irvine Pedestrian Accident Claims?

The financial consequences of the Irvine pedestrian accident, such as the medical expenses and physical damage to the car, are known as economic damages. But non-monetary damages that still affect the injured party can be done for non-economic losses like emotional anguish, lowered quality of life, loss of companionship, and pain and suffering.

The following elements have an impact on the number of damages granted:

  • How bad your injuries are (according to what your medical records say)

  • Whether your injuries are short-term

  • The sum of all current and future medical costs related to the accident

  • The treatments required for your recovery

  • How well you'll recuperate (as determined by the medical professionals)

  • If the pedestrian accident resulted in disfigurement or scarring

  • Your pain and suffering

  • Lost income and wages

  • If your injuries have made it difficult for you to engage in daily activities like your employment, family life, hobbies, or sports

  • If your injuries make it impossible for you to provide for your family financially

  • If you had some responsibility for the accident

As you can see, California personal injury attorneys will consider every loss and challenge you can encounter due to the accident. All losses should be considered because the objective of the compensation is to return victims to the state of their lives before the pedestrian accident.

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