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What Happens If Employers Don't Pay You In California?

Penalties for For Late And Unpaid Wages In California

Wage and hour laws in California protect workers by penalizing employers for late paychecks and unjustified withholding of wages. If your employer doesn't pay you the wages and salary you are due, then you have the opportunity to report and file claims against them.

These claims will not only compel employers to give you back pay but also claim penalties for violations of wage laws in California. Penalties depend on the kind of violations committed. Therefore, your report should reflect the specific circumstances and the back pay you are owed.

So, is withholding pay illegal? When is it permissible? And what are the possible penalties and legal consequences erring employers face in California? Here's what our prescreened unpaid wages attorneys in California have to say about that:

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What Are The Laws On Late And Unpaid Wages In California?

All businesses in the State of California are required by law to promptly and in full pay their employees the wages due for the hours they have worked.

The timely distribution of wages is one of the rights to pay protected by California employment laws and the Labor Code.

When an employer and employee sign an employment contract, this legally binding arrangement obliges the employer to pay the employee's salary following that contract.

When an employee must be paid, what must be included in a paycheck, and how much must be paid are all governed by both state and federal legislation. For example, in California, it is against the law for employers to pay workers beyond the deadline; doing so could result in serious legal repercussions.

If your boss refuses to pay you or is consistently late on your payments, you should report them and contact a California unpaid wage lawyer ASAP.

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Can An Employer Withhold Pay In California?

Employers have a limited list of legal reasons to withhold or deduct specific amounts from their employees' paychecks. Among the legal deductions are the following:

  • Required deductions, including Social Security contributions, state and federal taxes, and court-ordered wage garnishments

  • Deductions agreed upon in writing, including contributions to pension and health insurance, lodging and food, union dues, and charities.

  • Accounting mistakes are often recoverable by the employee from a future paycheck as long as the deduction does not bring the employee's pay below minimum wage. These accounting mistakes include paying an employee the incorrect wage or for the incorrect amount of hours.

  • Payday loan repayment deductions are permitted with a worker's written consent, even if their take-home pay goes below minimum wage.

If you're unsure whether your case qualifies under unpaid wages or wage theft, contact a California unpaid wages attorney to review your claim and advise you on the next steps. An experienced and prescreened unpaid wage lawyer in Los Angeles will fight for your interests and make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

What Are The Penalties For Missing Pay In California?

An employer can pay employees in three ways: regular salary, overtime compensation, and final paychecks. Different penalties apply if an employer pays an employee late for any of these payments.

Regular Pay

There is a $100 fine per day for the initial violation and $200 a day if an employer withholds pay from an employee without a legitimate reason. In addition, the employer can be charged extra fees.

Even if you and your employer disagree on the amount of compensation you are promised, they are still legally obligated to pay you on time or face penalties.

Overtime Pay

When it comes to overtime pay, employers are given more leeway. For example, they won't be regarded as officially being late even if the overtime compensation is not paid by the date of the subsequent paycheck.

A California unpaid wage lawyer can help calculate the total backpay you can claim from unpaid overtime. This can be proven through contracts, pay slips, and employee documents.

Final Salary

The State of California mandates that if you've left a job for any reason, the employer must provide you a final paycheck. This should be given on your last day of work or during the final week of your employment if you've given notice.

Paid Vacation

Vacation pay is regarded as wages under California law. Therefore, the employee is entitled to remuneration for unused vacation time, even though businesses are not compelled to offer vacation pay to their employees.

When employees leave their job, they are entitled to payment for any earned but unused vacation time.

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