How Much Can You Sue If A Plane Crashes In California?

Awarded Damages For A California Airplane Crash Lawsuit

Plane crashes often happen because someone has been negligent. That said, negligent parties owe victims compensation to help them recover from the financial and emotional effects of the crash.

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California Personal Injury Law: Can You Sue An Airline If It Crashes?

Airlines have the responsibility to keep their planes safe. Commercial panes need to be maintained and checked before and after flying to ensure their passengers are safe. So, when a plane crashes, it's only because someone has been negligent in some way.

The Responsible parties could include any of the following:

  • Owner

  • Plane manufacturer

  • Distributor

  • Inspector

  • Maintenance crew

  • Pilot

If multiple parties are responsible for your accident, you could sue each one. First, however, you and your Plane Crash Attorney in Los Angeles need to prove that the identified parties could be held liable in a California Plane Crash. Hence, investigations need to be done right after the incident.

An Aside #1: Catastrophic Injury Claims

Plane crashes often spell severe injuries that can permanently affect someone's life. If you have severe injuries such as loss of mobility, disfigurement, and other life-long injuries, you have a catastrophic injury claim in California.

An Aside #2: Wrongful Death