How Much Money Do You Get For Surviving A Plane Crash In California?

How Airplane Crash Settlements Are Decided In California Personal Injury Law

People who have been injured in a plane crash in California can file a lawsuit to recover damages. These damages are determined by the costs and emotional suffering incurred by the victim due to the accident.

Here's how top personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles would calculate your damages:

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Economic Losses

Economic damages are the first type of damages that can be awarded in a California plane crash case. These charges, expenses, and financial losses are related to the victim's expenses, fees, and financial losses. A few examples of economic losses are as follows:

1. Medical Expenses

Your damages include your medical care and therapy expenses following an injury. These are the most prevalent damages in a personal injury case.

Medical expenses could include, but are not limited to:

  • Charges for ambulances and emergency rooms

  • Physicians' fees

  • Surgery and hospitalizations

  • Lab tests, x-rays, CT scans, MRIs and other diagnostic examinations

  • Treatments such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, vocational therapy, and others

  • Medical supplies