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How Much To Expect From Car Accident Settlement In California

Personal Injury Claims Process: Calculating California Car Accident Injury Settlement

Car accidents can lead to physical injuries, property damage, income loss, emotional distress, and even the death of a family member. So, if a negligent party is the cause of the accident, you have the right to file claims and receive car accident settlement payouts.

That said, how much can you expect from these settlements? What do you have to do to get them? Here's what our prescreened California car accident lawyers have to say about it:

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What To Expect From A Car Accident Settlement In California?

As mentioned, if you got into a car accident because someone was negligent, you have the right to compensation equivalent to the financial and emotional losses you sustain.

Here are a few examples of negligence leading to car accidents in California:

  • A defendant drove while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • A manufacturer sold a defective vehicle or parts.

  • The maintenance crew failed to check the status of the vehicle.

  • A construction site failed to stop debris from falling on the road or your car.

  • A bus company hired drivers who didn't have enough training.

  • A driver drove while exhausted or distracted.

  • A driver did not follow traffic rules.

  • A government agency failed to address hazards on the road (i.e., potholes, barricades, etc.)

A victim will be offered a car accident insurance settlement whenever an accident happens. However, the insurance company or the defendant can refuse or lowball claims. Therefore, before you accept the offer, you'll want to have a car accident lawyer in California assess your claim first to get an idea of how much your case is actually worth.

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Do I Have A Car Accident Injury Case In California?

Remember, the eligibility of your claims requires that the other party has been negligent in some way.

Additionally, there can be multiple negligent parties in a car accident claim in California. For example, a bus driver, the owner, and the maintenance crew can all be considered liable for your car accident.

If you're unsure whether you have a strong case, contact a car accident lawyer in California ASAP.

How Much Can Someone Sue For A Car Accident In California?

A California car accident lawyer will consider many factors when calculating how much compensation for a car accident you'll get. Here are a few factors that could count towards your total compensation:

  • Medical costs like hospital bills, doctor's fees, medication, medical equipment (i.e., wheelchairs, crutches, home installations), etc.

  • Lost revenue/income from missing work, losing opportunities, etc.

  • Damage to property like your car or vehicle.

  • Pain and suffering associated with the emotional impact of your physical injuries

Your California car accident lawyer will factor your accident injuries into whatever calculations they perform.

Remember that some damages are more straightforward to quantify than others. For example, getting medical costs and lost wages is much easier because you can easily pull up receipts and documentation to prove the exact amount.

Fortunately, your car accident lawyer in California will also assess how much you should be compensated for intangible losses like pain and suffering.

What If A Loved One Dies Because Of A Car Accident In California?

Surviving families can claim compensation for the death of their loved one. For example, if you've lost a loved one because of a negligent car accident, you should contact a prescreened California car accident lawyer to help you with a wrongful death suit.

Damages are calculated in more or less the same way, so family members might be able to claim the following:

  • Burial or funeral costs

  • Medical bills

  • Income loss

  • Pain and suffering

  • Loss of community, enjoyment of life, consortium, etc.

Do note that it's challenging to identify the average payout for car accident death claims. A wrongful death claim in California can go up to millions, granted there is enough evidence to prove your case.

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