How To Calculate Compensatory Damages In California Personal Injury Claims

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In California, persons injured in accidents may obtain financial compensation for their expenses from the legally liable party. This compensation is often referred to as "damages." It is usually covered out of an insurance policy rather than from the other driver's purse.

So, what does the liable party (or their insurance) have to pay for? Here's how Personal Injury damages are categorized in California and how they might apply to your own case:

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While many different types of damages can be recovered in a California personal injury case, they are generally divided into three categories:

  • Economic (or special) damages

  • Non-economic (or general) damages

  • Punitive damages.

Families of those who have been killed may be able to bring a wrongful death claim as well as a survival action.

Let's discuss these three categories and how they fit into your California Accident Claim:

1. Economic Damages

"Economic damages" refers to the monetary losses and hardships that accident victims face. These are easier to prove because you'd only need to find receipts, records, and documentation of expenses (i.e., hospital bills, auto repair invoices, etc.).