How To Register A Corporation In Glendale, California

A Guide Of Starting A Corporation In California

If you want to form a corporation in California, you must follow a specific procedure and adhere to several state rules and regulations. This entire process is made up of multiple parts.

Here's a quick guide to forming a corporation, as often overseen by our prescreened Glendale Business Lawyers in California.

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1. Choose A Name For Your Corporation

A name is one of the most distinguishing features of any type of company. It establishes an identity with which potential customers can identify and increases brand recall value.

To register a corporation in California, you must have a business name. In addition, you must follow the name requirements outlined in the California Code of Regulations when identifying or selecting a name.

It's important to ensure that your proposed or chosen name is distinct from any other name in the California Secretary of State's records. In addition, the name should not cause the public to believe that it is associated with the government.

2. Find A Registered Agent

One of the required requirements for forming a California corporation is to retain a registered agent in the state for service of process.

The primary job of a California registered agent is to accept legal and tax paperwork on behalf of the entity from the Secretary of State's office or other government bodies.

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3. Articles of Incorporation Should Be Filed

To form a California corporation, you must file the "Articles of Incorporation" with the California Secretary of State. You must provide particular information about the business in the articles, such as: