What Are Trade Secret Protections In West Covina, California?

Protecting Yourself From Trade Secret Theft In California

When you have something that gets you ahead of the competition, you'll want to safeguard it. Although trade secrets aren't tangible things, they still hold so much value for someone's business. That said, trade secrets are protected from theft in California, and any violations of such can be settled through the assistance of a West Covina Business Law Attorney.

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Intellectual property (IP) is a broad word that refers to various intangible personal property types that are subject to ownership and other legal rights under state and federal laws in the United States and most other countries. Trade secrets, patents, copyrights, mask works, and trademarks are among the safeguards available.

Particular sorts of proprietary information are protected by trade secrets. So long as the property meets the definition of a trade secret and the owner takes the necessary steps to protect its secrecy, this type of IP protection can provide such information with the most long-lasting legal protections for intangible personal property.

What Are The Applicable Laws On Trade Secrets?

The Economic Espionage Act, revised in 2016 by the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 ("DTSA"), protects trade secrets at the federal level in the United States. Trade secrets are protected at the state level by state trade secret statutes and common law.

In summary, California's UTSA expands trade secret protections, provides enhanced damages where misappropriation is established and enables for additional costs to be recovered when a plaintiff successfully sues to protect its trade secret rights.

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Importantly, the inevitable disclosure doctrine is not recognized by California law. Before discovery can commence, a plaintiff must describe the trade secrets at issue in the case in sufficient detail for the defendants to understand what they're defending against.