What To Do After A Truck Accident In California

Updated: May 20

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With more than 3.5 million licensed truck drivers in the United States, it seems like truck accidents are inevitable, but that isn’t the case most of the time. In fact, it’s estimated that 88 percent of truck accidents are preventable.

These are defined as “Any accident involving trucks, unless it is properly parked, which results in property damage or personal injury if the driver failed to follow traffic laws to prevent the accident.” Under this definition, the most of the truck accidents happen due to negligence.

California’s highways contribute to a significant number of truck accident every year. As a matter of fact, both I-5 and I-10 contribute over a thousand truck accidents every year. In the last 10 years alone, California has averaged over 250 truck accident fatalities per year, the national average increased 16% in 2017.

That said, let's talk about how truck accidents happen, how injuries can occur, and how they are handled by a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer.

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Main Contributing Factors For Truck Accidents in California

While the causes of a truck accident can be many, statistically we found that the most common factors contributing to truck accidents in California are the following:

Performance causes

A performance cause for truck accident is anything related to the driver’s performance or actions that contributed to the truck accident. We found that speeding is the most common. In fact, speeding is by far the most common factor contributing to fatal vehicle accidents, resulting in over 25% of all vehicle accident fatalities every year.

Speeding is even more dangerous for large trucks because need a long distance to stop, and going fast just increases the changes for an accident. Speeding also reduces the truck's stability due to its weight thus it's more difficult for the truck to successfully maneuver.

If you've been a victim of a driver's negligence, consult with a Truck Accident Attorney in Los Angeles ASAP. This is to make sure you'll recover physically and financially, and hold the responsible party liable for your losses. A Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer can pursue negligent drivers and their companies and ensure you'll get the compensation you need to get back on your feet.