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6 Things To Do After A Bike Accident In El Monte

Updated: Oct 26

Preserving Yourself And Your Bicycle Accident Claims In California

If you've been in a bicycle accident in California, it might be challenging to know what to do. Not only could you be hurt physically, but the accident could also leave you with medical bills, a loss of income, and emotional problems. This is why accident victims in California have the right to file personal injury claims if their insurance companies don't pay them or try to make their injuries seem less serious so they can get compensation.

That said, everything you do right after the accident matters. Whatever actions you take could dictate how fast you recover, how much compensation you'll get, and how strong your California personal injury claim's viability is.

We advise you to refer to the following advice for what to do if you have been hurt in a bicycle accident because we are aware of how upsetting a bicycle accident can be.

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The following activities could assist in protecting your entitlement to compensation:

1. Find A Doctor ASAP

You should immediately consult a doctor or emergency medical professional about your injuries. Medical bills and doctor's reports are important pieces of evidence you'll need to show that you were hurt. This is, of course, in addition to protecting your health and ensuring you get the care you need for any injuries you may have had.

Don't forget that personal injury claims in California are meant to help you pay for the damages you've gotten because of the accident. So, you don't want any of your injuries, which can now be seen as evidence, to heal before they're written down in a medical report.

So, if you find yourself in a bike accident in El Monte, make sure you contact 911 or send for an ambulance ASAP.

2. Talk To The Police

Even if the driver pledges to pay you out-of-pocket for the damages you've sustained, you shouldn't allow them to get away with hitting you without filing a police report.

A police report is a vital piece of evidence in a bicycle accident case, and you should always file one. The police officers will get your testimony to contextualize and record what's happening on the scene.

After a few days, these police reports will be available publicly. You can request a copy and add it to your compiled evidence. This is also what El Monte Bicycle Accident Attorneys would advise every client.

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3. Collect Proof

If you are able to, gather as much evidence at the scene of the accident as you can, even though your injuries could prevent you from doing so.

Here are a few types of evidence you might want to start holding on to:

  • A copy of the police report

  • The names and testimonies of any witnesses

  • Information from the driver/motorist involved in the collision

  • Images of the accident scene

  • Any nearby features like stop signs or skid markings

Additionally, you ought to record your injuries and healing in a notebook. Write about what you think caused the accident and how you believe it occurred as quickly as possible after the collision.

That said, not all victims of these California bike accidents are well enough to gather evidence after the accident. Fortunately, independent investigations are the work of good El Monte Personal Injury Attorneys, so they can get to that while you focus on recovering from the accident.

4. Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Taking care of your physical health and seeking medical attention is critical. However, maintaining your mental wellness is just as crucial. For example, an incident involving a bicycle can be stressful. It may result in psychological problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sadness, and anxiety.

Remember, just because it isn't causing you physical pain doesn't mean you should ignore it. You should also ask your California Personal Injury Attorney about it, as psychiatric expenses and emotional distress can be likely damages in an El Monte bike accident claim.

5. Inform Your Insurance Company About The Bike Accident

You must notify the appropriate insurance carrier immediately after the bike accident. Failure to disclose the accident may prevent you from receiving compensation.

That said, you should avoid accepting any initial offers right away. Insurance companies will try to low-ball you and give you the lowest payout possible. After all, these insurance companies are still ultimately businesses, so they might consider your profit over yours.

6. Hire A California Bike Accident Lawyer

A lawyer's services will always be beneficial. While you concentrate on getting well and putting your life back together, your attorney can take care of all the legal matters. Schedule a free consultation with a prescreened bicycle accident attorney in El Monte, CA, to understand your legal rights and choices.

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