How Much Can You Get From Bicycle Accident Claims In Pomona

A Quick Guide To Bike Accident Damages In Pomona, California

Compensation for cyclists who get into negligent accidents will be determined by your economic and non-economic losses. The amount of money you might get back from a bicycle accident claim also heavily depends on other aspects.

These numbers can vary from client to client. However, you can get an idea of how much you might be able to claim based on the most common contributing factors:

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Common Damages In Bicycle Accident Claims In California

Our prescreened Pomona Personal Injury Attorneys have handled several bicycle accident claims, most of which consider the following factors as awardable damages:

1. Medical Costs

If you were seriously hurt, your current and anticipated future medical costs would probably become a sizable portion of your compensation for the bike accident. Therefore, you have the right to hold the responsible party liable for the total cost of the necessary medical care, including:

  • Ambulance fees

  • Doctor's fees

  • Hospital admission fees

  • Surgeries

  • Outpatient therapy

  • Medication

  • Medical equipment

  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy

  • Psychological treatments

Your medical cost damages depend on the severity of your injuries. So, you must keep all your receipts and request medical records as proof of your expenses. Then, contact a prescreened Pomona Personal Injury Lawyer to help you gather more evidence and conduct investigations.

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2. Loss Of Income

Any income you lose due to the accident might also be included in your Pomona bicycle accident claim. In addition, if you become disabled and lose employment benefits, you are entitled to compensation for both lost pay for the days you missed from work and lost or decreased earning capacity.

Your Pomona Personal Injury Lawyer can help you calculate the income you're losing currently and in the future.

3. Other Economic Losses

Your compensation may also cover any further financial losses related to your accident. For instance, a home care aide, housekeeping, child care, transportation expenses, property damage, and required home renovations might all fall under this category.

4. Non-Economic Losses Including Pain and Suffering

The losses mentioned above can all be measured, albeit projecting future costs necessitates rigorous research and prediction. You also have the right to receive non-economic damages, which are highly subjective and difficult to quantify. These damages cover your pain, suffering, mental agony, emotional distress, deformity, and other losses.

The non-economic damages may make up the most considerable portion of your compensation for the bike accident, depending on your injuries.

Caveat: Comparative Fault In California

If you share any guilt or fault for the collision, that is an essential component to consider once your overall losses have been established. In California, there is no concept of contributory negligence. This implies that even if you contributed to the collision, you might still be entitled to compensation. Still, any jury verdict, settlement, or insurance payout for a bike accident may be diminished in proportion to your degree of fault.