How To Find The Best California Employment Lawyer in 2022

Updated: Apr 7

California Employment Attorneys can help you report your employer for workplace discrimination, unpaid wages or retaliation.

California labor and employment laws influence the entire legal relationship between employers and workers, beginning with the initial recruiting process and extending into every aspect of everyday activities, including job descriptions, wages, promotions, assessments, terminations, benefits, mergers, and acquisitions, as well as the successful settlement of unfair labor practices and discrimination disputes.

Since the labor and employment related laws are found at all levels of government, federal, state, county and even city, making sense of these sometimes contradictory demands is more of a challenge for today's employees than ever before. In this article, we'll discuss the role of a California employment lawyer and how to find experienced, ethical and vetted California employment lawyers by contacting a California bar-certified lawyer referral service.

California Employment Lawyers

California employment lawyers for employees

Employers can engage several unlawful acts that wrongly put their staff at a disadvantage. Under any of the following cases, you can contact a California Employment Attorney:

  • Your employer has threatened, discriminated, or retaliated against you.

  • You were suspended or dismissed from work, and the termination was unlawful.

  • You are required to sign a document renouncing the privileges to which you are entitled.

  • Your employer has violated California employment laws in place to protect workers.

  • Your employer has not offered the benefits you are entitled to under your employment contract.

Immediately after you become aware of a problem, make sure to contact a California Employment Attorney. The delay will prevent you from demonstrating the employer's criminal activity and prevent you from recovering damages if you wait too long to contact a qualified employment attorney.

How much is a California Employment Attorney going to cost?

Depending on several factors relating to the lawyer's expertise and the specifics of your particular case, the cost of an employment lawyer in California can differ considerably. According to one of three types of fee schedules, lawyers typically charge their clients: hourly rates, flat fees, and contingent fees.

  • Hourly Rates: Most lawyers bill according to a fixed hourly rate for job cases. In California, lawyers' median hourly rate starts at $350 for less experienced smaller firms and $450 for more experienced larger firms.

  • Contingency fees: Under contingency fee agreements, lawyers only bill their clients for the legal case's proceeds if it succeeds. Generally, a prearranged portion of the final settlement or court award would be earned by lawyers.

  • Flat fees: For less complex legal problems, such as clear wills, an uncontested divorce, attorney control, or even certain minor criminal cases, lawyers will often charge a flat fee.

That said, it is in your interest to find the best Employment Lawyer in California for your unique case. A Labor Law Attorney in California is experienced from handling multiple employment cases, and know their way around the process of the claims.

How to find the best California employment lawyer for your case

It can be incredibly stressful to find a California employment lawyer, particularly if you have just been terminated from your job or are harassed or retaliated against. This may be one of the most important decisions of your life, with your financial security at stake. There is a sea of attorneys online, each one claiming to be the best choice. So how do you pick the right California Employment Attorney?

People often start by asking for recommendations from friends, family, and lawyers they know. According to a recent Google Consumer study by Moses & Rooth, a Florida law firm, 55% of individuals begin their search for a specialist lawyer by asking people they know.

However, the best way to find a vetted and experienced California employment attorney is to request a referral from a certified lawyer referral service. These organizations can offer you an unbiased and impartial referral to an employment attorney who has a tracking record of honesty, proficiency in labor law, fair legal fees and excellent customer service.