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Common Types of Slip And Fall Injuries in California

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

The Potential Injuries And Losses In California Slip And Fall Claims

Slipping and falling are more likely to be waved off by victims and negligent parties. For one, blaming slipping and falling on harmless clumsiness is easy. After all, people slip on wet floors all the time, right?

Unfortunately, many slip and fall case examples have caused severe physical and emotional injuries, costing a lot of economic and non-economic damages. Not to mention, if you were coming as a guest or a customer, you expect the owner or the people in charge to ensure the surroundings are safe.

Here are some of the most common injuries and issues that come about in California's slip and fall premises liability claims.

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The Most Common Types Of Slip And Fall Injuries In California

Any quick, unexpected impact on the ground, regardless of how or why you fell, can result in several serious traumatic injuries. The following list of 10 injuries that occur most frequently in slip-and-fall incidents:

1. Broken Bones

Broken bones can readily be caused by the forces involved in a slip and fall accident. While all accident victims might get breaks in any body part, the elderly can sustain bone fractures after a fall. The risk of severe consequences makes hip fractures one of the riskiest types of injuries.

2. Injury To The Spinal Cord

A fall can cause spinal cord injuries (SCI), including pinched nerves, broken vertebrae, slipped and ruptured discs, and other painful and disabling injuries. SCI can cause various symptoms and effects, from discomfort and restricted mobility to complete or partial paralysis.

3. Neck Injuries

Damage to the spinal cord or the neck's muscles, ligaments, or tendons can cause neck injuries. For example, "whiplash" is characterized by abrupt, violent movements that cause damage to the upper spinal cord and the soft tissues in the neck, which can happen in the event of an unexpected slip and fall.

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4. Concussions

Concussions most frequently occur when the victim's head strikes the ground in slip and fall accidents. However, even if your head does not come into contact with a stationary object, jarring your head violently might still result in a concussion.

5. Other Forms of TBI

A concussion is the most "mild" form of traumatic brain injury (TBI), even though all TBIs are dangerous. But, even then, even mild TBIs have been known to cause more long-term risks, like Alzheimer's. Hence, California slip and fall lawyers take TBIs seriously, no matter their severity.

6. Serious Lacerations and Cuts

Severe wounds and lacerations can result from tripping over dirt, broken glass, sharp metal, and other deadly materials. These wounds may not only necessitate stitches or sutures to heal (frequently leaving permanent scars), but they may also harm the muscles, nerves, and other soft tissue beneath the skin.

7. Injuries To The Knees And Ankles

Twisting a knee or ankle during a fall can result in injuries of varying degrees of seriousness. The injuries can range from mild (i.e., sprains) to severe (i.e., broken bones, tears, and other more serious injuries).

8. Injuries To The Shoulder, Elbow, And Wrist

Attempting to brace yourself after a fall can lead to wrist, elbow, and shoulder injuries. Treatment requirements might range from RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) to surgery.

9. Chronic Pain

Chronic pain from any of the injuries mentioned above (or any other damage received in a slip and fall event) can have crippling effects, even though it is not a distinct injury in and of itself. Many people injured in slip and fall premises liability accidents suffer from chronic pain for years, if not decades.

Can You Sue For A Slip And Fall Accident In California?

To be considered a slip and fall accident case, there needs to be negligence on the part of the liable party. You may file a lawsuit or compel responsible parties into settlements if you've been injured on someone else's property.

However, you'll need to go through the proper process and present evidence to ensure you get the best results. Consult a Slip And Fall Attorney In California to ensure you don't miss anything.

How Much Can You Sue For A Slip And Fall Accidents In Los Angeles?

The damages awarded to plaintiffs depend on the severity of the injuries, losses, and negligence. You can get compensation for the following:

  • Medical bills

  • Lost income

  • Emotional distress

  • Punitive damages

That said, there is a two-year slip and fall statute of limitations in California. So, you and your Slip And Fall Attorney In California must file the claim before the two-year mark.

Who Is Liable In A Slip And Fall Accident In California?

Slip and fall are under premises liability in California. So if you slipped, fell, and got injured on someone else's property, the owner might be liable for not addressing the hazards. At the very least, guests and customers must be warned about the said hazards.

If you're unsure if your situation is eligible for slip and fall premises liability claim, consider contacting a prescreened Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

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