Do You Need A Conservatorship In Glendale?

A Quick Guide To California Conservatorships

Going into a conservatorship is a crucial decision. The conservator is given the right to make decisions for the conservatee on everything. With this amount of power getting handed to another person, anyone who's considering filing for one should know everything they can about conservatorships.

Here's a list of FAQs to help guide you through this important decision:

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When Do You Need A Conservatorship?

When an adult who lacks the mental capacity to care for themselves or their estate needs protection, a conservatorship is filed.

When Do You Not Need A Conservatorship?

If the potential conservatee can sign an Advance Healthcare Directive or a Durable Power of Attorney, a conservatorship may not be necessary.

Here are a few instances where you might not need it:

  • If the potential conservatee can stick to a plan that meets their needs

  • If they are married and their partner can handle their finances

  • If they only receive welfare or Social Security income and can appoint a representative payee to receive checks on their behalf.

Consult with prescreened Glendale Estate Planning Lawyers in California for other available options for you and your family.

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Who Can Initiate The Process?

There are a few viable people who can submit a conservatorship: