The Types Of Power Of Attorneys In Long Beach, California

A Guide To The Different Types Of POA In California Estate Planning

A power of attorney (POA) is used for planning for a person's or an estate's long-term care. It constitutes a transfer of decision-making authority, most helpful when you're in any way incapable of making the decisions or actions yourself.

Here's a quick guide to the different types of POAs, as often handled by Long Beach Estate Planning Lawyers in California.

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Many people create POAs to provide an agent control over their finances, healthcare, or both if they become incapacitated.

That said, there are many types of power of attorneys. A POA can be either a general or limited power of attorney, and it can be durable and nondurable.

Differentiating General And Limited Power Of Attorney

The most important distinction between these two types is the amount of permission someone is given to execute decisions:

  • A general POA allows someone to act on behalf of another person in any situation.

  • A limited POA authorizes the agent to act only in particular situations and should spell out the agent's responsibilities and duties.

  • A limited POA may also be valid for a set amount of time, such as while the principal is away from the nation or otherwise unavailable to execute tasks.

When drafting a POA, you need to know everything that entails the specific type you want to be made. To make sure you choose and draft the right one for you, contact a Long Beach Estate Planning Attorney to help you.