What Happens After A Spine Injury in Los Angeles

Updated: Apr 22

Learn your rights after a spine injury accident.

Spinal cord injuries are scary, and unfortunately leave a victim incapable to return to the life they once had before the accident happened. If you or a loved one has been in an accident, you might have also incurred a slew of medical bills and lost a lot of potential income. If the injury was cause by someone else's negligence, it's best to find a California Attorney For Personal Injury to assist you in suing for damages.

That said, here's a few things you'll want to know spinal cord injuries and the personal injury claim you can file with a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer.

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Brief Overview of the Spinal Cord and Why an Injury is Serious

The spinal cord is a cord of nerve tissue that extends lengthwise from the brain down the back and into the vertebral canal, releasing spinal nerve pairs. The brain is the service center for initiating and organizing spontaneous actions because neural pathways bring impulses to and from it.

The spinal cord also protects cells. Your central nervous system comprised of the brain and the spine (CNS). The spine primarily transmits synaptic signals from the brain, assisting the body in daily activities such as walking, breathing, and speaking.

Your spine can fail as a conduit for sending and receiving motor, sensory, and reflex information if it is damaged, resulting in permanent disabilities. Paraplegia and quadriplegia are still the most severe spine injuries, although whiplash is still the most common soft tissue injury.

Foot drop or partial limb use are examples of mid-range symptoms experienced by spinal cord injury victims. Some spine injury victims can experience incontinence and other body function losses. Many ordinary parents and families are financially devastated as a result of hospital costs and other expenses incurred as a result of a bad back injury.

That said, if you've been in an accident, it's best to contact a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer to help you. A Los Angeles spinal cord injury attorney will have the experience to know their way around the law and can help you get the compensation you deserve.

What is the anatomy of your spine?

From the lower back to the tailbone, your spinal column binds the brain to all nerves. The spine has three distinct sections:

  1. Lumbar. These vertebrae support the body and enable movement. Those are the larger portions of the spinal column of human anatomy

  2. Thoracic or vertebral column. This is found in the mid to lower back.

  3. Cervical. This nerve travels from the brain stem to the nerve branches of the limbs and organs, transmitting and receiving electrical signals. However, when nerves are compressed, a person can become paralyzed and lose sensation.

The following are the different types of spine trauma:

  • Sports-related injuries

  • Falling from a height

  • Gunshots wounds

Swimming pool or hot tub accidents that involve jumping into shallow water can injure children's spines. Defective items, such as car seatbacks or seat belts, can cause your spine to snap.

You compensation is going to depend on the severity of your injury, as well as the financial and emotional costs that comes with it. That's why it's important to contact a fitting Los Angeles spinal cord injury attorney to help you calculate the right amount of compensation you need to get back on your feet.

How is it Diagnosed?

A spinal cord injury is normally referred to as an "SCI" by doctors. SCI refers to any damage to the spine that alters its work. Being diagnosed as soon as possible is critical for your wellbeing.

Loss of feeling, muscle activity, or autonomic function are all examples of changes. A spinal lesion may result in the loss of control of limbs and organs. Injuries can happen at any time and at any stage of the spine.

And if you think it's just a case of whiplash or Facet Joint Syndrome, get it checked out as soon as possible.

Any Los Angeles spinal cord injury attorney is going to advise you to get checked out and take action immediately. You'll want to get your injuries on the record, which can be used as proof of your financial losses. Not to mention, you want to address you injuries before they cause further damage to you.

What Do You Need To Know About Spine Injuries?

Victims who have suffered back injuries as a result of serious car crashes, slip and falls, and motorcycle accidents can benefit from the help of a spinal cord injury lawyer. Many clients with spinal cord injuries are expected to change their lifestyles overnight, resulting in long-term health effects.

The spinal cord is responsible for a variety of functions. When you sustain a back injury, you run the risk of both short- and long-term complications. The survivor and their families must practice spinal injury management in order to understand the art of surviving during the healing process of a back injury.

The following are some of the most common complications associated with spine injuries:

  • Spasms. When increased spasms, consisting of uncontrolled limb reflexes, are referred to as spasticity. This disorder occurs when activated spinal cord nerves become impaired, interfering with normal brain and nerve signal signals, resulting in a loss of body movement and control in a spine injury victim. Medical therapies exist to help minimize spasticity, but spasms may also be helpful, enhancing muscle tone and helping the patient to maintain limb stability. By using these additional stimuli in your recovery plan, you would be able to improve your mobility.

  • Urinary Problems. Urinary tract infection, kidney infection, and bowel issues may occur when the nerves that regulate these functions are impaired by a strong impact or twisting motion, robbing the brain and body of their ability to coordinate. Your bladder and bowel may be unable to remove waste in a safe manner, necessitating the use of drugs, catheters, or other prescription treatments for certain patients. It will help if you drink plenty of water and eat more dietary fiber.

  • Weight Gain or Loss. A patient's weight gain or loss is often caused by a spinal cord injury, which affects a person's ability to exercise and eat. However, with the aid of nutritionists and physical therapists, good eating habits and exercise can always be possible.

Physical and mental disorders that may result from the injury include:

  • Depression: People who have experienced a spinal cord injury are likely to feel depressed. Some people feel depressed as they heal. Anxiety, sadness, and depression are some of the other signs that may be present. As a consequence, the patient needs family support.

  • Having friends and caregivers will make a significant difference. Victims must combat the depressive effects of their misfortune. Hiring therapists may have a lot of advantages. They may be able to assist the patient during this difficult time.

  • Sexual Dysfunction and Fertility Issues: People who have had a spinal cord injury often experience sexual dysfunction and fertility issues. However, a slew of other issues could arise. Furthermore, men are more affected than women by this problem.

  • To improve fertility, doctors can prescribe medication and other treatments. Women's fertility is rarely affected by spinal cord injuries. However, following mishaps such as auto crashes, pregnancy remains a high risk, necessitating treatment by trained healthcare professionals.

  • Bed Sores: Patients with spinal cord injuries can develop bedsores as a result of sitting or lying in the same position for long periods of time. These dreadful sores are caused by skin pressure on your bones, which reduces blood flow and causes tissue deterioration, resulting in a pressure sore. "Bedsores" is how they earned their name. Immobile, obese, or bedridden people are more likely to develop bedsores.

  • To maintain healthy skin, you should change positions regularly, keep yourself clean, and eat a well-balanced diet. Red areas, bruises, sores, or protruding bones that cause friction sores should be checked on a regular basis by the patient or caregiver. Shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and ankles are among the most prone skin regions. As a consequence, any scratches, bruises, or sores must be handled as soon as possible.

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Injuries to the spine may also result in pain that originates in the nervous system is known as neurogenic pain. This also induces burning and stinging sensations. It continues to be a normal occurrence. In certain situations, the limbs lose their ability to sense or move. Other areas of the body may also be in discomfort. The body compensates for the numb limbs in this way. Arms that are used regularly for wheelchair travel, for example, may become numb. This symptom is handled with a number of approaches.

Oral drugs are part of the treatment regimen. It may also involve intramuscular and subcutaneous injections. Transfusions and stem cell therapy can be used. It may also require the use of spinal or brain electrical stimulation. As an adjunct, homeopathic medicine such as acupuncture and acupressure can be helpful. If all else fails, surgery is always an option.

Possible Heart Problems:

  • Irregular Heart Rate: The heart rate is one of the major issues for this form of health problem. As a result, it can significantly slow down. On the other side, after the accident, it can rise to a severe standard. This could also lead to heart attacks. As a result, medication may be required. Treatments such as intravenous blood infusions for low blood pressure are of particular concern.

  • Blood Clots: One of the big problems with spinal cord injury is blood clots. In addition, being unable to move limits blood flow into the veins. Patients of these forms of spinal cord injuries are often given blood clotting medications by their physicians.

  • Automatic Dysreflexia: is a disorder that arises as a result of a stimulus. Skin irritations or a clogged catheter are two examples. A notification is activated below the injury as a result of this provocation. After that, the signal is sent to the brain. The news is not being received by the brain. As a result, the blood vessels constrict as a reflex. The heart rate then slows, and blood pressure rises.

  • As a consequence, you're more likely to have a stroke or, in extreme cases, a seizure. Physicians can reduce the severity of the condition's symptoms by shifting the patient's location.

  • Pneumonia and asthma continue to be problems for many spinal cord injury patients, exacerbated by the weakening of muscles involved with breathing, leaving some patients dependent on breathing assistance. The nerve signals in your diaphragm may be disrupted over time. A doctor could give their patient a flu shot or another drug that helps them breathe better by regulating breathing problems.

That said, a lot of these consequences will cause physical, financial, and emotional problems for you and your family. Contact a spine injury lawyer in Los Angeles ASAP to get the compensation you deserve. A Spine Damage Attorney in Los Angeles knows their way around the law, and can help you calculate the total damages you can claim.

What Are The Effects Of Spine Injuries?

As you can see, a spinal cord injury can affect a person's life in a variety of ways—the nerves in your body run down your spine and back to your core. If you have a serious spinal injury, you will need to seek medical treatment for the remainder of your life. Only a well-trained, experienced Spine Damage Attorney in Los Angeles will tell you whether you can settle or try to get the full benefit of your negligence claim. You must not go through this stressful time without legal representation, and you must retain lawyers; otherwise, you will have to sue someone who is responsible for your injuries.

What Are the Different Types of Spine Injuries?

There are two forms of spinal injuries:

  1. A full injury is one in which you lose all of your sensation and muscle functions.

  2. The word "incomplete damage" refers to the fact that your nerve impulses still pass through the affected regions of your spinal cord, but only partially.

The severity of your symptoms and the care you receive can be determined by the position of the damage in your spine.

The following are some of the signs of a Spine injury:

  • Radiating pain to one side of your body (unilateral), which also runs down your arm from your body.

  • Pain radiating from both sides of your body (bilateral), down your arms, and into both sides of your body

  • Feelings of tingling or numbness in the body's extremities (hands and feet)

  • Your digits are tingling or numb (knuckles and toes)

The prognosis for a patient's complete or partial recovery is uncertain, with families' worst fears sometimes come true as a result of car accidents that result in temporary or long-term paralysis.

However, in the event of a bad car accident or a serious incident:

  • Tetraplegia