When To Consult With a Brain Injury Lawyer

Updated: Mar 28

Why Hire Top Rated Personal Injury Attorneys In Los Angeles

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are one of the most common injuries in people of all ages. From toddlers to teenagers to the elderly, brain injuries are devastating and may have long term consequences.

That said, you shouldn't allow anyone—including the liable party and their insurance providers—to lowball your payouts. So, let's discuss brain injuries, accidents, and accident claims that will be handled by your Brain Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles.

The Most Common Causes of Brain Injuries in California

Most brain injuries in California are the result of a car accidents, gunshot wound, sports trauma, and sometimes child abuse. Traumatic brain injury cases must be handled by professionals both in the medical field with a head trauma specialist as well as in the legal side with a California Attorney For Personal Injury.

Most Brain Injuries Are Serious

All brain injuries are very serious injuries that require a diagnosis from a head trauma specialist. Even if you have received a concussion after an accident you need to get checked as soon as possible. Head injuries can be very difficult due to the nature of the human skull and in some cases, they can be difficult to detect.

Even if there no obvious external bleeding, cuts or trauma ~ traumatic brain injuries can occur as a result of internal bleeding or trauma. After a serious accident, if you suspect to have a head injury you must notify your medical team and your Los Angeles Brain Injury Lawyer immediately.

We've represented clients who developed a brain injury as a direct result of anoxia. This happens when the brain is deprived of oxygen for an extended period of time. Anoxia can result in severe brain injury and long-term medical problems. Most cases of anoxic traumatic brain injuries occur in victims of near drowning accidents. Top Rated Personal Injury Attorneys In Los Angeles will be able to assess the fact of your claim and determine is Anoxia was the cause.

Anoxia can also occur in children during labor, your brain injury lawyer can investigate through medical reports, witnesses, documentation and interviews who the responsible party is. All lawsuits involving traumatic brain injury should be handled by a pre-screened, reputable and experienced attorney.

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Common Causes of Brain Injuries

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2.5 million people sought treatment for traumatic brain injuries in U.S emergency rooms in 2019. California alone accounts for 279,000 cases of traumatic brain injury in the same year.

It is estimated that 126,000 victims of traumatic brain injury are in disability in the state of California. Due to the fragile nature of the human head, an accident does not have to be severe for a brain injury to be sustained. No one is immune from a brain injury accident.

The common causes of traumatic brain injuries according to the CDC are:

Slip and falls (40%). Falls leading to a severe brain injury could take place at a location that is not well maintained, such a business with slippery floors, broken stairs or missing hand rails.

● Struck by an object (15.5%). Brain injuries sustained after being struck by something could happen while working, shopping at a warehouse, by falling objects and even playing sports.

Car accidents (14.3%). Car accidents in California are a very common cause of brain injuries. Whiplash, caused by being rear ended by another vehicle can cause a severe jerk to the head which causes a traumatic brain injury. During a car accident the head can also be struck by the steering wheel, dashboard, or airbag.

● Assaults (10.7%). Brain injuries also occur during a physical attack. Small children and elderly people are particularly susceptible to these type of accidents.

● Other accidents (19%) percent of TBIs are attributed to other type of accident such as: motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and work injury accidents.