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Benefits Of Working With Pre-Screened and Reputable California Brain Injury Lawyers

Did you or your loved one have become victims of a brain injury from someone else's irresponsible or reckless California actions? If so, in a personal injury case, you might be able to seek compensation for your injuries. More information about this procedure can be provided by a pre-screened, honest, and reputable brain injury lawyer at 1000Attorneys.com. Since 2005, we have helped the community find experienced and ethical personal injury lawyers.

Please request an unbiased and impartial lawyer referral and let us see if we can support you, whether you have sustained the injury yourself or you are dealing with the financial and emotional weight of caring for a loved one.

We work closely with the California State Bar to screen and monitor California personal injury attorneys while holding them to the highest ethical and professional standards.

What is an injury to the brain?

The brain is the most important organ in the body, controlling everything from our ability to breathe, our heart rate, our ability to wake up, how we think and feel about the people around us and the world around us, and even about ourselves.

When the brain is injured, the ability to repair itself is limited, and the injury also leads to deficiencies in vital functions. It is difficult to predict any brain injury patient's outcome since it depends on the seriousness of the brain injury, the plasticity of the brain, the brain area, and even the brain's part where the injury occurred.

Every year, around two million Americans suffer from brain injuries. They can contain:

  • Acquired brain injuries are non-hereditary injuries to the brain, not congenital, degenerative, or caused by birth injury.

  • Brain injuries sustained non-traumatically include those induced by electrical shock, near-drowning, radiation toxicity, neurotoxic poisonings such as lead or carbon monoxide toxicity, stroke, or an infectious disease such as meningitis or encephalitis.

  • Traumatic acquired brain injuries are caused by height drops, collisions in motor cars, shootings, injuries in the workplace, bullet wounds, and certain contact sports such as soccer or football.

Brain injuries can cause:

  • Speaking and recognizing language problems

  • Loss of memory

  • An altered sense of smell or taste

  • Ringing in the ears

  • Loss of hearing

  • Vision Failure

  • Loss of equilibrium and synchronization

  • Inability to control thoughts, desires, or conduct

  • Logic Deficient

  • Sequencing or organization problems

  • A lack of appreciation of one's skills

  • Anxiety or depression

  • The impossibility of breathing on one's own

  • Death to the brain

Brain Injury Problems

A loss of consciousness, which can last more than 24 hours after the injury, can result from brain injuries. The coma, such as a persistent vegetative state or a minimally conscious state, can turn into other consciousness disorders. In addition to consciousness disorders, brain injuries usually occur with these complications:

  • It has increased cranial pressure due to swelling of the brain and fluid build-up in the brain. Reduced blood flow, swelling, and fluid build-up can cause more damage to brain cells. This is a potentially life-threatening complication that frequently involves surgery, inflammation-reduction drug administration, and a shunt's insertion to remove the excess fluid.

  • Low blood pressure can sometimes reduce the supply of oxygen to the brain that is required.

  • Uh, fever. Since parts of the brain regulate the body temperature, it is not uncommon for the patient to experience dangerously high fevers if those parts of the brain are damaged, particularly in the first hours after the injury occurs.

  • Pneumonia, induced by prolonged periods spent in bed, deprives the body of the ability to clear the lungs naturally without moving.

  • With pathogens. Because of depressed skull fractures or penetrating skull injuries, the protective coating around the brain may become contaminated. Infections can spread across the body, harming the brain further, and even harming other organs.

  • Deep vein thrombosis, which is caused by a lack of motion, among other blood clots. As they can move to the lungs and generate a Pulmonary Embolus problem, clots can be life-threatening.

  • Ulcers from distress: Lack of motion during recovery over some time may cause the skin to break down. This is known as bedsore or pressure ulcers. Pressure ulcers raise an additional risk of infection.

  • Post-concussion syndrome: Concussions, such as dizziness, persistent headaches, memory loss, and insomnia, may result in significant and lingering effects.

  • Post-traumatic epilepsy, a seizure suffered following an injury to the brain. In general, these seizures appear in the hours and days after the incident but can occur months or even years later.

  • Hormone changes and reduced hormones, which, as well as disorders such as hypothyroidism, can cause changes in the injured person's libido.

  • Facial muscle paralysis or loss of feeling in the face.

  • An elevated risk of brain diseases such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease, which are degenerative.

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Living With A Brain Injury

In a split second, a brain injury can not only change the life of a person permanently, but it can also alter the lives of the family members of the injured person. These injuries affect every aspect of the life of a person. Here are some of the modifications that could happen:

Employment: With about 60% of seriously brain-damaged individuals unemployed two years after the accident, a substantial shift is the inability to work as one worked before the accident. Many individuals can't function at all. Many who can return to work can find that they can no longer manage the same job or workload. Returning to work means taking longer breaks for many people, working for shorter periods, and managing less workload.

Domestic: Before finally moving home, a person with a brain injury can spend several months in a hospital or a rehabilitation facility. Although 'going home' may sound like a happy ending to the journey, this change is simply the start of a new path in their recovery. Many people with brain injuries need improvements to their homes to accommodate their injuries, such as wheelchair accommodations, widened doors, lowered counters, and roll-in showers.

In addition to these shifts, there is also a family who still lives in the home, often forced to adapt to the injury. Spouses and children become caretakers all of a sudden. Hormonal changes due to the injury and a shift in body image and acceptance can alter the sexual relationship between a brain-injured person and their spouse. After the accident, the parents of a formerly independent child can find themselves forced to stop working to care for them. For the brain-damaged person and the family members, these changes can cause depression and anxiety, with many family members claiming that they feel isolated or lonely after the injury of their loved one and that no one knows what they are going through.

Education: Just as a brain-damaged adult may have difficulty returning to work, complexities may also be faced by a child who returns to school after sustaining a brain injury. California public schools are expected to offer appropriate facilities for students with accidents or disabilities, but parents also have to lobby vigorously for these facilities. Some of the accommodations your child will require when returning to school after sustaining a brain injury include more breaks, less time in school or on assignment, the need for personal support to maintain structured school work and activities, the extra time required for assignments and exams, the ability to score on the quality of work rather than the quantity, the need to have instructional time.

Social Life: As a consequence of the accident, the social lives of those who have sustained brain injuries are also modified. In performing things that were previously loved, the injured person can be unable or uninterested. Friends will feel that they have nothing in common with the injured person now, and during the healing process, these friendships will also fade away.

The injury can alter behaviorally and impulse control, making the individual engage in activities that require a quiet, orderly environment.

With finances: Brain injuries are costly, with lifetime expenses often exceeding millions of dollars. This, coupled with the failure of many people with brain injuries to work, puts a massive financial strain on the family.

Since many brain-injured spouses and other family members who are in a caretaker position may have to leave their jobs to support their loved one and be involved in his or her rehabilitation, the financial issues may last for years. More than 50% of the homeless population in this country has suffered brain injuries. Since being homeless, some of these people were injured. Homelessness, though, is yet another complication of injury for many.

Frequent Questions - Brain Injury Accidents in Los Angeles

In the lives of victims, all sudden, accidental accidents trigger chaos. However, few such accidents cause our clients to have as much anxiety and confusion as traumatic brain injuries (TBI). The physical and emotional impairments that follow brain injuries leave patients feeling like a rug has been ripped from their entire being and their families. Their physicians can not predict the speed or result of their recovery.

They ride a roller-coaster, good days and bad days, creating major emotional difficulties and straining personal relationships. Sometimes, their finances fall to bits. Our clients dealing with a brain injury's effects appear to have several concerns about their legal rights, whether they have experienced a TBI themselves or are caring for someone they have. Some of the common questions they ask us are answered here.

Today, contact an experienced brain injury specialist to learn more about your or a loved one's legal rights after suffering a brain injury.

Who may I sue for damage to my brain?

Accident victims in Los Angeles feel that someone else's wrong choices or careless acts led to their brain injury or a loved one. Rightly, they claim that they should not have to bear on their own the financial burden of brain injuries. He needs to pay the person who hurt them. So who are they?

As lawyers, it is not especially rewarding to hear our answer to this issue, but it is correct: it depends. In a wide range of situations, brain injuries occur: car crashes, falls on building sites or slippery ground, getting too close to fires, and contact sports, to name only a few. In each situation, one or more people or corporate organizations' actions and decisions may have led to the sequence of events leading to subsequent brain trauma.

As attorneys, our job is to ask: Which of those individuals or businesses had a legal obligation to behave in a responsible manner that would not harm our client, failed in that obligation by taking or failing to take any specific action, and, as a result, caused the injury of our client? Generally speaking, those are the persons or organizations that our consumers might have the right to sue.

The best way to identify whom you should approach is to sit down with our seasoned Los Angeles brain injury lawyers as soon as possible after an accident or incident leaves you, or a loved one injured.

What is the value of my brain injury claim?

You're going to hear this a lot from us, but again, it depends. Because of a number of variables, most of them entirely out of your control, the value of a legal argument varies. The amount of money you will have the right to obtain through insurance coverage, a civil action for damages, or any combination of the two, will depend, as a general matter, on:

  • The essence of your damage to your brain and its effects on your life. Brain injuries vary from headaches, nausea, and brain fog, to motor, cognitive, and emotional deficits in their effects. The greater the effect on your life that an accident has, the more money you will have the right to recover.

  • Your fitness and age. It may sound crass, but at the time of an accident, the younger and healthier a victim of brain injury was, normally, the greater the sum of money that the victim may have the right to claim as harm. That is because the amount of time a person will have to deal with a brain injury is taken into account by insurance firms and juries, and the degree of life opportunities that the injury may cause.

  • From where reimbursement will come. Since our legal system uses money as an unreliable way of repairing the damage done to a victim of brain injury, the value of a lawsuit relies on the possible sources of that money. After all, if the party with legal responsibility has no means to pay that amount, a $1 million lawsuit is not worth $ 1 million to the victim. In part, a lawyer's role is to work hard to locate parties that have a legal responsibility and the means to pay.

As broad examples, we have mentioned the three factors above. The value of your brain injury claim can be influenced by many other factors, especially because brain injuries can offer extremely volatile and up-and-down pathways to rehabilitation, unlike many other forms of physical injuries, which can make it hard to pin down the amount of money you need to help you through that rehabilitation. To learn more, speak to our professional lawyers.

How long would it take me to recover money for my damage to my brain?

Without understanding your situation's facts, no lawyer can answer the question, and even then, it depends. Some variables that determine the speed of a case of brain injury are under our clients' influence, but most are not. The number of parties, the severity of the brain injury at issue and the conditions that contributed to it, for instance, and the dollar amount of the lawsuit will all affect how long it takes for a case to settle or enter a jury trial.

Our clients are always in control. We screen and monitor brain injury lawyers in Los Angeles and help. They find competent, honest legal representation, but our clients always decide, based on their interests, when to start and end a case.

May I consider a settlement offer for my brain injury from an insurance company?

Brain injuries can leave the victims, and the victims ' families, financially suffering. The symptoms that follow such injuries to the brain frequently keep patients out of work and leave them almost completely disabled at times. Combined with the cost of medical care, the loss of income will place severe pressure on an individual or a family's finances.

An insurance provider will occasionally, almost out of the blue, step into the scene and give a payout to the brain injury victim or the victim's family. The bid may even seem like a lot of cash. Will it be taken by the victim?

In almost all instances, NO. And never without consulting first with an accomplished attorney for brain injury. Suppose you are given a payout from an insurance provider. In that case, the insurance company claims that its client, the person or company it insures, is legally responsible for causing the brain injury. The insurance companies try to get themselves, and it's their clients, off the hook financially for as little money as possible is to threaten you directly for what seems like free money, and, you can be sure, for less money than you need to pay for the expense of your injuries.

Taking the money, in short, implies giving up essential legal rights. Never, never do so without talking to a lawyer first who has the expertise to find out how much money you can get as a payout and the know-how to negotiate with an insurance agent or defense attorney to get the right compensation for you.

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For my brain injury situation, who is the right attorney?

You want to work with pre-screened personal injury lawyers—California lawyers who have been vetted for ethics, experience, credentials, performance, and client reviews. As we have said, brain injuries come with major complications and obstacles for their patients and the patients' attorneys.

Almost certainly, the best lawyer for your brain injury case is someone who has years of experience treating victims of brain injuries. About why? Since a lawyer wants a working knowledge of the medical and financial aspects of recovery from a brain injury to get you the most cash for your injury. Trust us: If your lawyer needs to get up to speed with how accidents like your work, and what they cost to treat over a lifetime, your case will suffer.

It also helps to find a California personal injury attorney who has treated clients who sustained injuries in the same sort of accident or event that affected you. For instance, even a lawyer who knows brain injury may not know about brain injuries caused by an explosion's concussive force or a contact sport hit. Look for a lawyer who knows how damages resulting from both the injuries and the way the injuries happened are investigated and evaluated.

Finally, don't choose a lawyer simply because they have fancy TV commercials or flashy websites. Conduct due diligence or contact a California Bar certified lawyer referral and information service. Lawyers from our network work with networks of medical and forensic professionals who can guide the brain injury's technical aspects to differentiate between success and disappointment? A well-resourced lawyer will, pure and simple, do more for you.

When do I contact a lawyer for brain injury?

The better you make your selection of a reputable brain injury lawyer, the better the chances of recovering the compensation you deserve and avoiding the legal and logistical pitfalls that can make it a nightmare to get the medical treatment help you need. Our pre-screened Los Angeles brain injury attorneys provide free, confidential, no-obligation case reviews, so by sitting down with an accomplished attorney right away, you have nothing to lose and probably plenty to gain.

How can I make sure I have a fair outcome on my claim?

Take care of yourself first and foremost. See a doctor, obey the doctor's care plan, and dedicate yourself to achieving a full recovery, even if it means trusting someone you would otherwise prefer to do for yourself to manage other aspects of your life. Your brain requires time to heal, like every part of the body.

As a bonus, following a treatment plan places you in the best position to recover the money you deserve for your injuries; on the other hand, failing to follow a treatment plan will seriously affect your legal rights. It can also be useful to keep all your medical and insurance documents in a file where you can access them quickly.

Also, do not wait to contact an experienced Los Angeles brain injury attorney who can help your recovery (and we know we sound like a broken record on this). To concentrate on your rehabilitation, lawyers will take over the legal and financial aspects of getting you the money you deserve.

The truth of most brain injuries is that, while also throwing your family life into disarray, they can all too quickly deprive you of the strength and focus necessary to defend your rights on your own. A lawyer will take the weight of legal and insurance matters off your back, making your life at least a little more manageable, if not easier.

Hope For Healing

University of California Irvine researchers recently created a new cell therapy that has shown promising results in the treatment of memory loss and the prevention of epilepsy in patients with brain injuries. Researchers have transplanted embryonic progenitor cells into brain-injured mice that can develop inhibitory interneurons, a cell capable of regulating brain circuits' function. Such transplanted neurons have migrated to the injured region, where new connections with the injured cells can form.

The mice displayed signs of improved memory a month after treatment and could complete memory tasks almost as well as mice who hadn't sustained an injury. It also prevented post-traumatic epilepsy, a common complication of brain injury, from developing in mice. The research team clarified that after a patient has suffered a brain injury, the inhibitory interneurons are vital for memory, and they are vulnerable to dying.

While researchers were not able to avoid these interneurons' death in the first place, they were pleased to find a way to replace these essential cells and reconstruct their circuits. There are no successful memory loss therapies in patients with brain injuries, but the researchers said they are moving closer to their project.

Work With Reputable California Brain Injury Lawyers

Suppose the careless or reckless behavior of another person or agency caused your brain injury. In that case, California law provides an avenue for keeping that at-fault party liable and allows you to claim compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. Liability for your injuries is created by proving that the defendants owed you a duty of care. Your brain injury lawyer must prove that this duty of care was violated by negligent or reckless conduct and that this violation of the duty of care resulted in your brain injury and the consequent effects on your life.

Many of the losses that you will recover from a claim for personal injuries include:

The cost of treating your injury with medical care. This covers transportation expenses for ambulances, emergency room care, medical tests, surgical facilities, hospitalization, prescription and IV drugs, rehabilitation, and physical therapy. Besides, the cost of improvements to your home and assistive equipment such as wheelchairs can be recovered.

Missing earnings when you are too sick to work or forced to miss work to attend doctor's appointments for your injury care. You will also regain lost earning potential if your accident causes you to take a new, lower-paid job or induces lifelong disability and leaves you unable to function.

Non-economic harm, such as emotional distress, pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life, compensate you for the effects your brain injury has on your quality of life. For consortium loss, which is the loss of companionship or affection that is frequently experienced with this form of injury, you may often recover damages for your partner.

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