Unpaid Wages In California

Updated: May 16

Know your Employee Rights & Find the Best Unpaid Wages Lawyer in California

Wage theft is abhorrent but extremely prevalent. Employees don't always know what their wage rights are, so it's easy for them to overlook wage theft. So, let's talk about what wage theft is and what you can do about it.

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Wage theft is when employees aren't paid the wage, salary, and benefits they are rightfully entitled to. This happens if your boss fails to pay you for overtime, or if they're paying you way below the minimum wage.

Here are factors that might be causes of wage theft:

1. California Minimal Wage: employees in California should get paid the minimum salary as required by California State law, whether they're paid by the hour, by the commission, by a bonus, or by way of salary.

2. Overtime: employees in California must get paid overtime as follows:

  • 1.5 times the regular rate of pay for all hours labored over eight hours ina workday or over 40 hours in a week, and

  • double the ordinary rate of pay for all hours labored over 12 hours in a workday.

If an employee works 7 days in a workweek, the worker should be paid:

  • 1.5 times the regular pay for the first eight hours on the seventh day, and

  • double the regular rate of pay for all hours labored over eight hours on the seventh day.

However, extra time laws do not observe all workers and certain workers, along with home workers and farm workers, are covered by using one-of-a-kind extra time legal guidelines.

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3. Hourly Wages promised: Your company has to pay you the wages promised. The labor Commissioner enforces all wages a business owes, not just the minimum salary. For example, if your company promised to pay you $15 and instead paid you $10, you may file a wage claim for the unpaid amount of $5 per hour.