How To Report Wrongful Termination in California

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Check 5 steps to report California Wrongful Termination and Get a Guide from The Los Angeles Employment Lawyer Referral Service

To be wrongfully terminated in California is to be fired for an illegal cause, this includes a violation of federal anti-discrimination laws or a breach of contract. You should immediately request an unbiased lawyer referral from a California State Bar certified lawyer referral service. A pre-screened Wrongful Termination Lawyer in California will be appointed within 15 minutes to review your case FREE of charge 24 hours a day.

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Wrongful Termination in California for 2022

Specifically, an employee cannot be fired for the following reasons:

It is also against the law to fire an employee in California because they filed a legal complaint against the employer, or because the employee reported illegal activity at the workplace as a "whistleblower". Being fired because of these actions is considered "retaliation" under the law.

That said, consult with an Employment Lawyer in Los Angeles to help you sort things out.

Can You Get Fired for No Reason in California?

California is classified as an at-will employment state. What this means is that your employer can terminate you for any reason and at any time with or without reason.

If your employer doesn’t like you as a person, doesn't have enough work for you, thinks you work too slow, they can fire you at any given time.

Most employee handbooks include what at-will employment is, and also require an employee to sign an acknowledgment of their at-will status.

However, an employee working on an at-will basis may have a valid claim ONLY if he/she was terminated for reasons that are against the law under state and federal law.

If there's any confusion on whether or not your case is viable for an employment claim, consult with a Wrongful Termination Lawyer in Los Angeles for advice.

5 Steps To Report Wrongful Termination in California:

  • Gather Documentation: Gather all the documentation and evidence necessary that supports your claim of wrongful termination. This can include emails, statements from coworkers or other witnesses, or other notes that you took detailing all instances where you were discriminated against by your employer;

  • Speak to Human Resources: Make your HR department aware of the situation and your belief that you were wrongfully terminated. This is particularly helpful because it not only shows that you attempted to seek resolution on your own but it's also documented proof that will support your claim;

  • Speak to a Lawyer Who Specializes in Employment Law: Make sure you seek legal advice as soon as you get wrongfully terminated from your job. Your Los Angeles Employment Lawyer will guide you and help develop a plan of action to make a strong