How To Report Religious Discrimination In The Workplace

Updated: Mar 28

There Are California Religious Discrimination Laws That Protects Employees. Consult an Employment Lawyer in Los Angeles ASAP.

Religious discrimination includes treating an individual (an applicant or employee ) unfavorably. Not only are people belonging to traditional, organized religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism protected by the law, but also those who have genuinely held religious, ethical or moral convictions.

Religious discrimination can also include treating someone differently because that individual is married to (or associated with) a person of a specific religion. You should consult immediately with an Los Angeles Employment Lawyer if you feel you've experienced Employment Discrimination in California.

california religious discrimination in the workplace

Religious Discrimination In The Workplace

The law prohibits any type of workplace discrimination due to religion, including recruiting, wrongful termination, lack of compensation, decreased work assignments, bypassing a promotion, layoffs, lack of training, reduce benefits, and any condition that may affect your employment.

That said, it's you're not quite sure which employment actions count as discriminatory, consult with a Discrimination Lawyer in Los Angeles.

Workplace Harassment Due To Religious Beliefs

Harassing an employee in California because of his or her faith is illegal. Harassment may include, for instance, derogatory comments on the religious views or behaviors of an individual. An Employment Lawyer in Los Angeles will help you determine if you have enough evidence of this type of discrimination.

While the law does not prohibit simple mockery, offhand statements, or isolated events that are not very serious, workplace harassment is illegal when it is so frequent or extreme that it creates a very hostile and intolerable work environment.

Religious and Segregation Discrimination

Title VII also forbids religion-based workplace or job discrimination (including religious garb and grooming practices), such as assigning an employee due to real or feared customer preference to a non-customer contact role.

If you've experienced this at work, call a prescreened Los Angeles Discrimination Attorney ASAP.

Discrimination Against Faith & Fair Accommodations

The law allows an employer or other protected agency to reasonably accommodate an employee's religious beliefs or practices unless doing so will cause the activities of the employer's company to be more than a little burden. This means that it might be appropriate for an employer to make reasonable improvements that will permit the employee to practice their religion.

Flexible scheduling, voluntary shift substitutions or swaps, role reassignments, and adjustments to organizational policies or procedures provide examples of some standard religious accommodations.

religious discrimination in california

Policies for religious accommodation / dress & grooming

Unless it is an unfair inconvenience in the employer's company's operation, an employer must reasonably accommodate an employee's religious beliefs. Consulting with a California Employment Attorney is recommended to analyze your particular situation and find out if your rights have been violated.