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Updated: Mar 4

How To Find The Best Employment Attorneys In Los Angeles

1000Attorneys.com California employment law lawyers help workers pursue their rights in court. We know the ins and outs of employment litigation in California — from settlement negotiations to arbitration agreements and jury trials to proceedings.

Find Pre-Screened Employment Attorneys In Los Angeles

Disputes over jobs are almost always David vs. Goliath.

Employees are individuals who rely on their jobs for their livelihood, more often than not. Employers are often corporations or other businesses with ample resources at their disposal.

Many California employment law firms focus on representing employers who can pay large fees upfront. The "legal strategies" of these companies may involve attempting to intimidate an employee who dares to assert his or her rights until he or she goes away.

That's where we come in. The labor and employment law attorneys at 1000Attorneys.com focus on employees — the "little guy." Most importantly, we provide you with an unbiased referral to ethical, honest and experienced employment lawyers in Los Angeles.

As a California State Bar certified employment lawyer referral service, our employment lawyers understand that California labor law has many provisions protecting employees' rights — something your employer may not want you to know. And for YOUR benefit, our employment attorneys know the best way to navigate the legal system.

Types of cases we handle for California employment law

1000Attorneys.com California lawyers assist staff and plaintiffs in all California labor law fields of practice, including the following employment issues:

Wrongful termination

California's wrongful termination statute provides remedies for staff who lose their employment for the wrong reasons.