What Does Workplace Discrimination Look Like in California?

Updated: Jun 14

Learn How to Spot The Major Signs Of Workplace Discrimination

All are entitled to a respectful and discrimination-free workplace. Discrimination, on the other hand, takes many forms and persists to this day. Discrimination can take many forms, ranging from rude remarks and microaggressions to outright abuse and revenge. You can lose promotions as a result of your employer's abuse. Discriminatory behavior can cause you a lot of mental and emotional pain.

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You will feel helpless to battle the people who sign your paychecks because most of us need a job to live. You don't have to take all of it, though. If you've been discriminated against at work, you'll need an Employment Lawyer in Los Angeles on your side to fight for you and your employment. Don't suffer in silence when the boss engages in criminal activity.

What Are the Anti-Discrimination Laws?

Discrimination in the workplace is covered by both state and federal legislation. California is one of the most employee-friendly states in the world, if not the most.

However, not all forms of discrimination are illegal. To file a discrimination lawsuit against your employer, you must be a member of a protected class. Any prejudice you've faced needs to be based on your safe identity.

What Is a Protected Class and How Does It Work?

Protected classes are categories that have experienced discrimination in the past. These classes are also afforded special legal protection. We have a few articles on the most common workplace discrimination claims against protected classes, which are as follows: