How To Prove California Discrimination Claims

Updated: Apr 21

Finding Evidence To Prove Discrimination In California

As with most complaints, discrimination claims in California need to have evidence. This protects people from fabricated claims that might potentially ruin lives. That said, what types of proof do you need to prove discrimination?

Let's look at how and where to find proof for your employment claims, as they are often handled by our prescreened Los Angeles Employment Lawyers.

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1. Find All Direct Evidence Of Discrimination

Based on the type of supporting evidence in the case, proving workplace discrimination can be difficult.

If you have written witness testimonies, emails, text messages, or other forms of documentation to back up your claim of discrimination, this is where you should start.

Direct evidence makes it much easier to prove discrimination, although it is not always available.

That said, whatever you have on you that directly proves discrimination should be preserved. You can also contact a prescreened California Employment Attorney to help you process the evidence and collect more when needed.

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2. Gather Circumstantial Evidence

Sometimes, people aren't so upfront about discrimination. They won't say offensive things to your face, but they might do some covert but adverse employment action.