Pregnancy Discrimination Law: Expecting Moms Can't Be Fired

Updated: Jun 14

Employers Can't Fire You For Getting Pregnant Or Filing A Medical Leave

Having a child can be one of the most life-changing experiences a woman can have. It can, unfortunately, hurt a woman's career. In those situations, it's important to understand what constitutes unconstitutional Pregnancy Discrimination. With the help of the best Employment Attorney in Los Angeles, you might be able to receive the damages you are entitled to.

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When a pregnant employee or work candidate is treated unfairly because of their pregnancy, this is known as Pregnancy Discrimination. Employers with five or more workers in California are prohibited from discriminating against pregnant women. This is considered a form of sex discrimination under the law.

Discrimination against pregnant women can take many forms. In the workplace, common examples of unlawful Pregnancy Discrimination include:

  • Refusing to employ a woman who is pregnant or may become pregnant in the future

  • Getting rid of or demoting a woman because of pregnancy-related medical issues

  • Refusing to make fair accommodations for a woman's pregnancy-related conditions is a form of discrimination.

  • If a woman is legally entitled to time off for childbirth or medical problems related to childbirth, it cannot be denied.

  • Discrimination against a woman who has to breastfeed, inject, or treat medical problems associated with breastfeeding.

These and other terms are discussed in greater depth further down. Since state law is usually more favorable to workers than federal law.

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Both state and federal laws shield workers in California from Pregnancy Discrimination. The nature of the alleged harm will normally determine the applicable law.

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