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Updated: May 13

When To Hire A Pre-Screened California Employment Attorney

If you feel you are being discriminated against at work, maybe you are. Employment discrimination and harassment are VERY common in Los Angeles. After all, this is the place where the #metoo movement started and the reality of employment discrimination was unveiled in the months after.

So, let's talk about workplace sexual harassment, as they are often handled by the best employment attorneys in Los Angeles:

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How to spot discrimination in the workplace:

These are the most common signs of discrimination we've noticed in Los Angeles.

  • Questionable hiring practices and inappropriate questions during an interview: Employers are not allowed to ask questions during an interview that target an applicant’s protected class. For example, an employer cannot ask the female candidate if she's single, whether she plans to become pregnant, or any other personal questions related to her family planning. These type of questions have nothing to do with her ability to perform the job she's applying for and is against the law.

  • Inappropriate comments or remarks: These include comments that stereotype certain protected classes and attack their fitness as employees based on their protected attributes. For example "overweight people are lazy" or "women work slower than men". This language reveals unlawful bias and it isn't allowed.

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  • Unfair promotions or assignment of work responsibilities: If less-qualified male employees are always promoted over more-qualified female candidates, the employer could likely engage in an unlawful practice of discriminating against women based on gender.

  • Unequal pay: If a female employee is being paid less than her male counterpart despite having the same experience and seniority, this represents a type of workplace discrimination

  • Assumptions regarding an employee’s abilities: Assuming an employee’s