What You Need To Know About Immigrant Workplace Discrimination In 2022

Updated: Apr 21

Discrimination Against Immigrants Is Illegal Under California Labor Laws

Immigrant workers can be delineated and harassed, especially in workplaces. Our prescreened California Employment Attorneys have worked on claims including harassment of immigrants by supervisors, employers, and coworkers.

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Employers who recruit unauthorized or illegal immigrants may be committing several employment law crimes in addition to harassment. Poor working conditions, wage theft, failure to pay the federal or California minimum wage, and failure to obey overtime requirements for undocumented workers are just a few examples.

What Do Immigrants Face In Workspaces?

Undocumented and unauthorized immigrants are just as vulnerable to labor law problems as other California employees. Wage theft, discrimination, and failure to provide overtime compensation are examples of these types of issues. An overwhelming proportion of foreign workers are also harassed at work.
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In particular, undocumented female immigrants face an unacceptably high percentage of sexual harassment in the workplace. Many women have reported male superiors threatening them and pressuring them into sexual activities based on their immigration status.

Because they are illegal immigrants, many of these women fear they are unable to report harassment or seek legal assistance from a California Employment Attorney.

Fortunately, employees and workers who are being harassed at work or who are being discriminated against because of their national origin can still receive aid. Even if you are not lawfully in the United States, one of our prescreened Los Angeles Employment Lawyers can still help you.

Undocumented Workers Can Be Defended Against Harassment

The United States has regulations in place to safeguard all employees, including undocumented immigrants. All protections, rights, and remedies provided under state law are available to everyone, regardless of immigration status.