The California State Bar Attorney Search Tool

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

How to find the best California lawyer for your case using the California State Bar search tool

The California State Bar Attorney Search tool can be found on their official website portal and it's a great filtering tool when looking for potential attorneys in your area. It offers a wealth of knowledge into an attorney's background and most importantly it can help you verify an attorney's credentials.

If you are looking for a California lawyer recommendation, the California state bar cannot refer attorneys. Instead, they will direct you to a California state bar certified lawyer referral service. You can also find a list of trusted and certified lawyer referral services in their portal by visiting this link.

As reported in our attorney discipline channel, there's been situations where people pretend to be lawyers to commit fraud. There are also situations where an attorney who has been disbarred for committing fraud and continues to practice law and taking on new clients.

california state bar attorney search

How To Find The Right Lawyer In California

The California State Bar Attorney Search tool is available for both the public and law enforcement to verify an attorney's credentials in the state of California. It can assist you to conduct due diligence and make better decisions when considering hiring an attorney.

This database in always updated to reflect any new disciplinary action against an attorney, or when a new attorney has been granted a license to practice law in the state of California. It's important to note that an attorney's performance, client's reviews, skills and other deciding factors to hire an attorney are not displayed.

The California State Bar Attorney Search tool is also valuable to verify an attorney's contact information, education, and prior disciplinary actions. You can easily look up any attorney in California by their name or using their bar number.