Wrongful Termination Examples in California

Updated: May 24

Learn about your employee rights and some examples of wrongful termination in California

When an employee has been unlawfully fired or laid off from his or her job, wrongful termination has occurred. California is an at-will state, meaning that without offering cause or reason, employers may fire an employee. Likewise, an employee can also leave at any time.

That said, here's a quick guide for California wrongful termination, as they are often handled by a California Wrongful Termination Attorney.

wrongful termination examples

In California Employment Law, Wrongful Termination happens when an employee is fired because of unfair practices in the workplace, whether in the course of firing the employee, the company breaches public policy, or if the company's own termination procedures have not been followed.

In addition, if you disclose problems at work such as a lack of safety in the workplace or disclose any criminal activity in which your employer is involved, being fired for blowing the whistle on your employer is illegal.

If you're having trouble determining whether your case has enough grounds for wrongful termination in California, consult with a Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Attorney.

That said, there are multiple cases that might be viable for an employment claim. Here's a California Termination Checklist:

California Wrongful Termination Due to Sexual Harassment And A Hostile Work Environment

The 1967 Civil Rights Title VII states that sexual harassment in the workplace is unconstitutional. You will be able to be compensated in a wrongful termination lawsuit for back pay, get you reinstated to your position, and may even be able to get punitive damages and attorney's fees.