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What Is My Traumatic Brain Injury TBI Case Worth In California?

TBIs, Personal Injury, And Settlement Amounts In California

An injury that can impair a person's cognitive abilities due to head trauma or a blow to the head is known as a traumatic brain injury. From exhaustion and headaches to memory loss and other physical, behavioral, and emotional issues, it might entail a variety of symptoms.

Not only will this affect you physically and emotionally, but the medical bills for your recovery and future care will also be expensive. So, if your TBI was caused by negligent parties, you want to make sure you hold them liable for the physical, financial, and emotional costs of your injuries.

Here's what our prescreened California brain injury lawyers have to say:

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What Typically Causes TBIs?

Cases involving traumatic injuries might develop in several ways. First, the injury may happen when the brain is struck by an external force. The means that caused the injury determines the extent of the impairments and any brain trauma.

These traumatic brain injuries may result from car accidents, slip and falls, physical abuse, violent sports, or other accidents.

Any injury should be treated very seriously because the brain is arguably the most vital organ in the human body, regardless of how severe it may be, and prompt medical attention should be sought.

California brain injury lawyers advise that you seek medical help after any accident since TBIs don't always have obvious symptoms. Not to mention, TBIs, even mild ones, can increase the chances of getting Parkinson's in the future.

Who Will Cover My Medical Bills In California?

If you can prove that someone else's negligence led to the TBI and that person or company has a sizable insurance policy (or if the injured party has their own appropriate insurance), then insurance may be able to compensate some or all of the damages. If the accident happened at work, your employer might be liable for your injuries and need to pay you.

Basically, the responsible parties are required to pay. One exception is when the responsible party does not have sufficient assets or insurance coverage.

Legally, negligent parties should be held accountable for any injury they cause to someone else. Hence, you can launch a personal injury claim with the help of a California brain and head injury lawyer.

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How Much Money Can You Get From A Traumatic Brain Injury In California?

Experienced brain injury lawyers in California will consider the following factors in calculating your damages:

  • The basis for the at-fault party's liability

  • The nature and extent of brain injuries sustained

  • Potential or future prognosis and necessity of additional treatment

  • Availability and amount of applicable insurance coverage that may or may not be in effect to cover the loss

That said, these aren't concrete numbers to help you make an estimated settlement amount. So, here are some of the most common types of damages you'll need to prove to get compensation for your TBI:

  • Medical expenses incurred, such as but not restricted to ambulance costs, emergency room costs, doctor costs, x-ray costs, MRI costs, CT costs, cost of other diagnostic investigations, neurologist costs, surgery costs, including the surgeon's and the facility's fees, and physical therapy costs.

  • Future medical expenses like therapy for the brain damage that was sustained. A life care plan may be required to estimate the cost of care for the wounded person's entire life if the injuries are severe enough.

  • Loss of wages due to time absent from work because of the suffered brain damage. This also covers income lost in the future due to restrictions or the inability to continue earning the same amount of money.

  • Pain and suffering that brain injuries cause, including grief, anxiety, emotional distress, and discomfort in the now and the future.

  • Loss of consortium damages can be claimed by the spouse for the loss of the victim's love, companionship, comfort, care, aid, protection, affection, society, moral support, and enjoyment of sexual relations.

Again, every brain injury case is unique. You'll want a California brain and head injury lawyer to assess your claim, find evidence, negotiate your settlement, and represent you in court.

Are My Family Members Or I Entitled To Compensation For Brain Injuries?

By demonstrating that their injuries were caused by the wrongdoing and/or negligence of another, victims of brain injuries may be entitled to compensation. If that is the case, money may be given in exchange for their past and future medical expenses.

Future lost earnings or diminished earning ability may also be eligible for compensation in addition to lost wages. Money damages may also be used to make up for any pain and suffering, grief, lost pay, or anxiety experienced as a result of the occurrence or event's brain injuries.

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