Who Can You Sue For Bus Accidents In Pomona?

Discussing Bus Accident Claims In California

Bus accidents could lead to physical injuries, income loss, and emotional distress. So, when someone else is responsible for your injuries, you have the right to file claims and get compensation to help your recovery.

However, liable parties are more than just the bus driver involved in an accident. It could be a company, factory, bus owner, and many others. With so many people you could sue, who do you know which one you should file claims against?

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Who Might Be Held Accountable For Injuries Caused By Bus Accidents In California?

It is a fact-specific inquiry to determine who is responsible for property losses and injuries in bus accidents. A Pomona personal injury attorney will consider:

  • The type of bus involved in the collision, such as a commuter bus serving a city, a tour bus, a school bus, or some other private bus

  • Each company or party that is in charge of driving and maintaining the bus

  • Whether a government agency was in charge of driving the bus or selecting the safest bus routes

  • What additional vehicles were involved in the collision, and whether or not the drivers of other vehicles are accountable

  • Whoever is in charge of checking the credentials and skills of the drivers it hires for its buses is the bus driver's employer

  • If badly maintained roads were a factor in the accident, city or state road maintenance authorities

  • Any businesses that produced or modified the bus, especially if a mechanical issue led to the accident

  • The boards that are in charge of organizing secure transportation

Any one or more of these people or organizations could be held liable. Your California Attorney for Personal Injury can look through your case and find possible responsible parties that should be compensating you for economic and non-economic losses.

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When Should You Contact A Pomona Personal Injury Attorney?

California personal injury lawyers should be contacted as quickly as possible by people who sustain injuries in a bus accident. A person who has been harmed has two years to launch a lawsuit to seek compensation under California law.

You must submit a claim for damages within six months if the injured party wants to sue a city or county. If you miss the deadline, you essentially revoke your rights to file claims.

The individual will have a greater chance to receive the maximum potential compensation by hiring an attorney rather than waiting until the last minute, given the intricacy of bus accidents and the number of parties that may bear some blame.

Will An Insurance Company Pay For The Injury-Related Compensation I Need?

Most of the time, insurance companies will compensate a commercial bus operator for a passenger's injuries. These businesses will probably try to promptly and cheaply resolve a victim's claims, regardless of how much they may be worth. Insurance companies frequently get in touch with people immediately following an accident, but before the victim is fully aware of the degree of their property losses and injuries.

Your skilled California Attorney for Personal Injury will handle discussions and negotiations with insurance companies if you hire them to pursue your claims. They will confirm that you do not agree to a settlement until the insurer pays you the total due compensation.

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