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Who Pays Your Motorcycle Crash Settlement In California

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Most Common Motorcycle Accident Concerns, Liabilities, And Settlements In California

Motorcycle accident injuries can lead to financial, physical, and emotional difficulties. Hence, California motorcycle laws are implemented to minimize accidents and injuries.

However, California motorcycle laws don't entirely stop accidents from happening. After all, some people can be negligent to the point of hurting themselves and others on the road.

So, if someone else is responsible for your accident (and injuries), you'll have the grounds to either sue or compel them to a motorcycle crash settlement in California.

That said, here's a quick summary of how motorcycle settlement works, as experienced by prescreened California motorcycle accident lawyer.

motorcycle accident attorney california

The most common motorcycle injury claims often involve negligence. Some negligent actions can include:

  • Driving under the influence

  • Driving while distracted

  • Speeding

  • Not heeding stop signs

  • Not executing care in more hazardous areas

More importantly, negligence isn't limited to the other driver involved in collisions. For example, if a construction site is near the side of the road, failing to prevent falling debris is a negligent act that could lead to accidents for motorcyclists.

In most motorcycle settlement examples, you only need to prove there was a duty of care, a breach of that duty, and the breach caused damages to the victims.

Anyone or any agency and organization whose negligence caused an accident by breaching their duty of care can be held liable in motorcycle settlement claims in California. A motorcycle crash lawyer in Los Angeles can help clients identify multiple negligent parties that could be considered responsible for their claims.

most common motorcycle accident

The Most Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

To show that multiple people can be considered liable for your claims, here are a few examples of motorcycle accident claims:

  1. Speeding, reckless driving, and alcohol use. The most common cause of motorcycle accidents due to the negligence of a single driver.

  2. Splitting lanes. Lane splitting is the act of riding a two-wheeled vehicle between automobiles.

  3. The weather. In some situations, you can hold someone or something accountable even if bad weather makes driving conditions hazardous. For instance, if the city administration neglected to salt the roads promptly, it might be held responsible for the ice conditions. Using bright headlights while it is foggy outside may also be considered negligent driving.

  4. Abrupt stops. Motorcycle riders are at greater risk of death in sudden stop incidents. A sudden halt can send a motorcyclist flying over the car in front of them or crashing into the rear of a taller car because motorbikes lack seat belts.

  5. Incompetence and neglect. Motorcycle accidents are frequently caused by inexperience and distraction. Unskilled drivers may not be aware of motorcyclists, which could lead to an accident. Similarly, a novice motorcyclist might not know how to avoid specific collisions.

  6. Accidental Left Turns. An automobile turning left into the path of an approaching motorcycle across a traffic lane results in a left-turn accident.

  7. Risky Road Conditions. While some road conditions might not bother a driver, they could be fatal to a motorcycle rider. Because a motorcycle can lose balance far more quickly than an automobile, slippery road surfaces are hazardous for them.

  8. Vehicle defects. Accidents caused by motorcycle defects are not always the motorcyclist's responsibility and are not always the driver's fault. An incident like this could occur because:

    1. Negligent motorcycle upkeep

    2. A brake or tire on a motorcycle that was improperly constructed

    3. A flaw in the motorcycle's design

    4. Motorcycle repairs are done carelessly or hastily

    5. A shattered mirror leaves a potentially harmful blind zone.

As you can see, it's often not just the other driver's fault. It could be a government agency, a manufacturer, maintenance personnel, or anyone that caused debris and hazards on the road.

To help you identify responsible parties, find proof, and process the claim, consider contacting a prescreened motorcycle accident lawyer in California ASAP.

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