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Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Who regulates attorneys in California and how to look up a lawyer?

California lawyers convicted by the California State Bar of a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude face potential license revocation or disbarment. Crimes of moral turpitude usually involve crimes of assault, robbery, or fraud.

attorney search state bar

Criminal Convictions and Attorney Discipline in California

The California State Bar can also refuse licenses to prospective California lawyers whose moral character has not been rehabilitated and who have a criminal background. If past crimes or misconduct occurred more than seven (7) years ago, it makes no sense if (despite the recent passage of Assembly Bill 2138).

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Attorney Search State Bar

The California State Bar is not a lawyer referral service and cannot provide recommendations or direct you to a specific lawyer or give legal advice. To obtain certification from the State Bar, lawyer referral services must follow the requirements set by the California Supreme Court.

A California State Bar certified and approved lawyer referral service can:

  • Help decide whether without a lawyer the your problem can be solved. For instance, you may have an issue that could be solved by a rent control board or neighborhood mediation service, without charge. The referral service will link you with the appropriate agency if you need this form of assistance.

  • Refer to a pre-screened California lawyer who has expertise in the right area of law and who is a good member of the State Bar. Lawyer referral services can only recommend lawyers who meet the practice and expertise requirements of the State Bar related to your legal needs.

  • Refer to a California lawyer who carries protection against professional liability. In general, lawyers may determine if they want to carry insurance, but a lawyer must have insurance to be able to serve customers referred by a Certified Lawyer Referral Service. Getting insurance is not only important in the case of malpractice, it also often ensures that risk management services and training offered by the insurance provider help the lawyer.

If you need a referral to a pre-screened and reputable California attorney, submit your request 24-hours a day. California attorneys from our ne