The Best Way To Search For California Attorneys in 2022

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

When you need a California lawyer, don't rely on biased lawyer marketing

State Bar Certified Lawyer referral services have been operational in the United States for the last 50 years and were first established as a response by middle-income persons for assistance in obtaining appropriate, ethical and competent legal counsel.

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California State Bar Certified Attorney Search & Information Service

Bar Certified Lawyer Referral Services are designed to help local communities and individuals who are ready to pay normal legal fees, but whose ability to locate appropriate and reputable legal representation is frustrated by a scarcity of experience with the system, unreliable legal advertising, a lack of knowledge of the type of legal service needed, or a fear of the potential costs of hiring a local pre-screened California lawyer.

Certified lawyer referral programs offer two very important services to the general public. First, they assist the client in determining if the matter is actually of a legal nature by analyzing inquiries and referring the client to alternate service agencies when appropriate.

The second, and maybe more important, the function of a certified lawyer referral service is to supply the client with an unbiased lawyer referral to a local pre-screened attorney who has experience within the specific area of law appropriate to the client's needs. The main function of certified lawyer referral programs with consumer-oriented assistance is focused on the person in need of legal representation and secondarily with the participating attorney.

In 1989, following an extended review process by state, local bar associations and lawyer referral experts from both the general public, the American Bar Association implemented Model Rules of operation for certified lawyer referral programs nationwide.

The primary objective of these model rules of operation is to protect the consumer.