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What Can You Get From California Construction Accident Lawsuits?

Getting Compensation For Construction Accident Injuries In California

One of the riskiest professions for anyone to work in is construction, which accounts for thousands of workplace fatalities and injuries annually in the US. Additionally, certain construction accidents can have catastrophic consequences, rendering victims permanently crippled and jobless.

Therefore, you need reliable legal advice from a California Construction Accident Attorney, no matter what your case involves.

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What Are The Most Common Construction Accidents In California?

Construction is a naturally risky industry, and workers confront multiple dangers daily. Accidents can occur suddenly for a variety of reasons:

  1. Workers need ladders, scaffolds, and mechanical lifting equipment to access high spots, but these tools frequently cause falls and catastrophic accidents in California.

  2. The improper usage of heavy machinery can easily result in catastrophic injuries to personnel.

  3. Under California's product liability policies, manufacturers are responsible when their products have defects that lead to injuries.

  4. Construction accidents are frequently the consequence of negligence by coworkers, subcontractors, or outside parties.

  5. Construction workers may file premises liability claims against the property owner if they work on private property and the owner fails to notify them of known hazards.

  6. Due to the irresponsibility of other drivers, construction workers who must travel to job sites to supply tools and supplies may be involved in car accidents in California.

Construction workers may be able to submit a California workers' compensation claim when they accidentally injure themselves or when a coworker's negligence causes a construction accident. However, the victim also has the right to file a personal injury claim if a third party is found to be at fault for the construction accident.

A California construction accident lawyer can review your case, help you find evidence, and advise you on the best steps to take.

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What Is Workers' Compensation In California?

California workers' comp is meant for employees or workers injured on the job. If you were injured at your construction work, you only need to report it to your boss, and they will forward it to the insurance company.

One of the most important things about workers' comp is that you don't need to prove your injuries. This benefits you and your boss in the following ways:

  • You don't have to prove your injuries

  • Your boss doesn't have to deal with complicated legal problems

That said, people can face problems with their workers' comp claims. For example, your boss or insurance company might deny or reduce your claim. In some cases, the negligent party might be a third party, and you'll need to sue them with the help of a California construction accident lawyer.

What Can You Get From Your California Construction Accident Claim?

According to California's personal injury statutes, claimants are entitled to compensation for any losses incurred due to the defendant's alleged wrongdoing. Therefore, if a construction accident victim has a valid personal injury claim, their California Construction Accident Lawyer may be able to assist them in recovering:

1. Medical Expenses

Costs of medical care, including those incurred immediately after the accident and those foreseen in the long term. The defendant is also liable for the victim's medical expenses if they were incurred due to a catastrophic injury that was likely to require lifelong care, like a brain or spinal cord injury in California.

Your Los Angeles Construction Injury Lawyer can help you compile documents, receipts, and medical records that will be used to prove your damages.

2. Lost Income

A construction accident victim might be unable to work while recovering. California workers' compensation awards will only cover up to two-thirds of the claimant's typical weekly wage, yet they may offer some respite from their lost income.

The victim may be able to recover damages for lost wages not covered by their disability benefits through a personal injury claim. In addition, if they cannot work again owing to the severity of their injury, they can also pursue compensation for lost earning potential.

3. Pain And Suffering

According to California law, a plaintiff in a construction accident suit is entitled to monetary damages for their accident-related physical and emotional suffering. Your Construction Accident Lawyer In California can calculate the appropriate sum based on the severity of your injuries and whether you will experience long-term medical difficulties resulting from them.

In addition to workers' compensation, a successful third-party personal injury claim can aid the construction accident victim in experiencing a more complete recovery than they had anticipated.

Hiring a skilled Construction Accident Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles to handle your case is the best way to improve the likelihood that your claim for a construction accident injury will be successful.

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