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Can You File Claims For Road Accidents In California?

You Can Get Compensation For Car Crashes And Other Vehicular Accidents

The consequences of a vehicular accident can weigh on the victims heavily. Not only do victims have to deal with the physical aspects of it, but they also tend to have a mountain of medical bills and a difficult emotional time.

Hence, victims can file California personal injury claims to help them recover from the physical injuries, as well as the financial and emotional toll that comes with it.

So, here's a quick guide on what personal injury claims are, who can file for them, and what California Attorneys For Personal Injury do.

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What Types Of Vehicular Accidents Can You File Claims For In California?

Our California Attorneys For Personal Injury have handled a variety of vehicular accident claims, including:

Basically, any vehicular accident that caused you to incur losses can be viable in a personal injury claim in California. However, these claims are often to hold a negligent party responsible; hence, a few more factors would make accidents count as personal injury claims in California.

If you've been in an accident, consult a California personal injury lawyer to know your options.

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Do I Have a Case If I'm Involved in a Car Accident?

If you plan to submit a claim, you must prove that the other driver owed you a duty of care and breached that duty of care. All motorists on California highways are responsible for driving safely and avoiding reckless activities that endanger others.

They are in violation of their duty of care if the responsible party has done the following:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • Driving while fatigued or exhausted

  • Driving when distracted

  • Making illegal turns

  • Failing to maintain the vehicle

  • Exceed the speed limit

  • Participate in other illegal or hazardous activities

If you were injured in a vehicular accident, you have the right to seek compensation for your recovery expenses, lost income, and non-economic damages by filing personal injury claims.

Not to mention, the responsible party isn't always the driver. A maintenance crew, the owner of a vehicle, or the manufacturer can also be at fault. It's also possible to file California personal injury claims against multiple responsible parties.

Unfortunately, even if it appears clear that someone else is responsible for your losses, a disagreement may arise during the claims procedure. This is where our prescreened California car accident lawyers can assist you.

When you submit a claim against an insurance company, regardless of what the insurance adjuster tells you, the insurance company is most likely not on your side. You should never contact an insurance adjuster or accept a settlement offer without first speaking with a California car accident lawyer.

Personal Injury Lawyers in California can answer your questions and help you navigate the claims procedure. They will communicate with the insurance provider on your behalf so that they do not take advantage of you. They can also conduct a thorough investigation into your case, acquire evidence before it's lost, interview eyewitnesses, and aggressively advocate your interests throughout settlement negotiations.

How Much Can I Get For A Car Accident Claim In California?

Not even the Top Personal Injury Lawyers In Los Angeles can guarantee a specific price in your case. It's crucial to understand that a variety of factors will determine whether or not your claim is successful, as well as the amount of compensation you receive.

These are some of the factors:

  • The medical costs you've racked up

  • The cost of any future medical care you may require

  • The amount of money you've lost as a result of your injuries

  • Whether your injuries have had an impact on your ability to make money in the future

  • Whether you needed to make any changes to your home as a result of your accident

  • The cost of repairing your vehicle

  • Whether you suffered scarring, incapacity, or the loss of a physical function as a result of your injury.

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