How Is Catastrophic Injury Defined In California Personal Injury Law?

Understanding Catastrophic Injury Claims In California And How It Affects You

According to Title 34 of the United States Code, a catastrophic injury is one that permanently precludes the person from performing any gainful activity.

We can sometimes broaden this concept to include other parts of your life. For example, we may be able to claim that your damage was catastrophic if you were an avid mountaineer before your injury and are unable to hike afterwards.

Because of the severity of the damages, we treat catastrophic injuries differently in civil litigation. You will be unable to work if you suffer a devastating accident, and you will almost certainly require lifetime help and medical care.

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The Treatments Required In Catastrophic Injuries

While patients with catastrophic injuries can make significant recovery progress, most of them never fully recover. The medical costs connected with such an injury usually necessitate a wide range of medical treatment and care, which might include everything from:

  • At the scene of the collision, immediate treatment and emergency transportation

  • Transportation to the hospital

  • Surgeries

  • Hospitalizations

  • Doctors, experts, and therapist

  • Physical therapy

  • Rehabilitation

  • Health care at home

  • Physical adaptations, housing adaptations, and/or vehicle adaptations are all examples of adaptive devices.

Specialized treatment for your injury (care at a burn center, for example)