Suing For Motorcycle Crash Injuries in Los Angeles

What Can Victims Do After Motorcycle Accidents In California

According to the latest statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there are 4,976 fatal and non-fatal motorcycle accidents in the United States (IIHS). You could suffer serious permanent injuries as a result of a moment of reckless madness on the highway. This is exacerbated by the fact that, unlike other cars, motorcycles lack a protective cocoon against accidents.

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the United States Department of Transportation, motorcycle-related road accidents have been on the rise for the past decade. According to current statistics, there are 73.48 deaths for every 100,000 motorcycles recorded. Motorcyclists are also a high-risk category of road users.

The following factors, according to the IIHS, contribute to the high risk of motorcycle accidents:

  • Since motorcycles are small, they are less visible on highways.

  • In the absence of a protective shield, such as that used in four-wheeled vehicles, the occupants are exposed.

  • Balancing on two wheels rather than four decreases a motorcyclist's steadfastness, making them more vulnerable to accidents.

California's Ridership Laws are Worth Noting

In response to an increase in fatal motorcycle accidents in California, the legislature decided to enact legislation that would provide some safety and rights to motorcycle riders while on the road. The following are some of the laws worth revisiting:

  • Law on lane splitting:

  • It is legal to snake through slow-moving traffic, despite the fact that it is a high-risk activity to engage in. You are only permitted to travel at a speed of no more than 10 mph faster than the surrounding traffic.

  • Motorcycles are covered by lemon laws:

  • Cutting through the legalese of lemon rules, you are entitled to compensation if you spend more time in the garage than on the road with a freshly purchased bike. To learn more about your legal choices, contact a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorney.

  • All riders must wear approved helmets from the Department of Transportation.

  • Motorcycles that have been fitted with an exhaust system that complies with EPA regulations.

The laws governing traffic safety are continually changing to keep up with the changing demands and use of the roads. To stay up to date with the new regulations, contact the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

In the case of motorcycle accidents, California's legislative laws restrict the grace period to two years from the date of the accident. There are certain exceptions to this law, such as when suing a government agency or a government facility. An experienced California Attorney For Personal Injury can handle the specifics.

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