How To File An Injury Claim After A Slip And Fall Accident In Los Angeles

Updated: Jan 27

A Guide To Slip & Fall Accidents In California

A major fall caused by slipping on the stairwell or a crack in the sidewalk can feel like your own clumsy mistake. However, there are situations when these mishaps are not your fault at all. Poor property management or lack of safety procedures are common causes of serious injuries in Slip & Fall accidents in California.

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If you fell on someone else's property, you may wish to consult with a California Slip & Fall Lawyer. If you believe the property owner is to blame for your injuries, you may be able to file a Premises Liability Lawsuit.

Is Slip And Fall A Personal Injury?

Slip-and-fall lawsuits hold property owners liable for the lack of maintenance or safety practices that led to your trip.

Sprains, broken bones, and fractures can all occur as a result of slipping and falling. These kinds of mishaps are so widespread that they've earned the moniker "slide and falls." Unfortunately, slips and falls are frequently caused by careless maintenance of circumstances by those in charge.

According to the law, property owners in California must:

  • Exert reasonable care to maintain conditions on their property

  • Prevent foreseeable injury to others who come within the premises

Failure to do so can result in a property owner being held accountable for any harm caused by those conditions.

The term for this is "premises liability." In most common cases, dangerous circumstances on premises include:

  1. Carpeting that is torn or loose

  2. Glass that has been shattered or that has not been replaced

  3. Flight of steps that are broken or missing

  4. Electrical wires and cords that are exposed or unprotected

  5. Failing to issue warnings about recognized dangers

Property owners are held liable for accidents that happen within their property. If they knew people would be there, they should've done everything to ensure no one gets harmed or hurt. Poor maintenance can lead to slip and fall accidents, which frequently result in lawsuits.

If you've suffered injuries due to poor property maintenance, contact Top Rated Personal Injury Attorneys In Los Angeles to help you sort your legal options.

How To Prove Slip And Fall Injuries In California

When it comes to proving that a property owner is at fault for your injuries, you need to show that they have been negligent in some way. As said, property owners are responsible for making their premises safe, so if you were injured within their premises because of poor maintenance, you would be able to forward a Personal Injury Claim.

There are numerous more elements to evaluate when you or a loved one is harmed in a slip and fall accident, including:

  1. Past complaints about an existing safety hazard

  2. Evaluating the level of negligence of a business or property owner

  3. Determining the culpability, if applicable, of the injured individual.

There will almost always be claims of comparative fault or negligence. This is especially applicable in California, where if the injured party is partly to blame for the accident, the plaintiff should pay damages for their part of the responsibility.

Frequently, the property owner contends that the hazard was "open and evident," meaning that it might have been avoided if the claimant had been paying attention. However, in other circumstances, they will claim that there was no notice or that the defect in the premises was minor, making the case more challenging to prove.