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Top California Divorce Lawyers
Near Los Angeles

Find vetted California divorce lawyers. They help individuals navigate the legal process of ending their marriage.  The goal of a divorce lawyer is to help their client obtain a fair and just resolution to the legal issues arising from the end of their marriage.

California Divorce Lawyer Referrals

California family law is very complex and difficult to understand. Anyone facing a divorce, especially when child custody and asset division are at stake these cases need an experienced California family attorney. 


A family lawyer in Los Angeles will protect your interests in court and will fight for the best possible outcome. Most common cases pertaining to California family law are:


  • Custody & Parenting Time (Visitation rights)

  • Child Support

  • Parentage/Paternity

  • Child Abuse & Neglect

  • Guardianship

  • Juvenile Delinquency

  • Adoption

  • Emancipation

  • Divorce


Getting A Divorce In Los Angeles


There are many advantages to settling a divorce out of court in California.


You can save time, money, emotional pain, and suffering that it's involved in this process. Sometimes though, if you settle out of court – it can be on adverse negative terms. It's important that a divorce lawyer who is experienced in California family law is by your side.


Our divorce lawyers in Los Angeles, will look after your interests and make sure your rights are protected You should never have buyer’s remorse when settling your case.


Experienced divorce lawyers in Los Angeles will negotiate in a confident and skilled manner, and make sure you get a fair outcome. Our divorce lawyers in Los Angeles never compromise – and do everything possible to take your issue to court – and get you positive results.


We realize a divorce can be a long process – but don’t recommend settling your case in a rush. You can trust our pre-screened divorce lawyers to fight for you at every stage at any court in Los Angeles, Orange our Sand Diego counties.


In some cases, there are ways of getting an uncontested divorce settlement.


Some couples will try to negotiate a settlement amicably before either party files for divorce. Other couples will finalize it during the divorce mediation process. Some spouses will try to settle the case during the trial. The process can vary, depending on the variables of the case and the people involved:


  • Are spouses cooperating: Some spouses retain a level of civility during the divorce process – and negotiate in good faith. In many cases, spouses have difficulty controlling their emotions especially if there was infidelity during the marriage. Some will deliberately drag out proceedings just to make the process more difficult for the other party involved and to deliberately raise the cost of the divorce.


  • Agreements about children: Child custody is one of the most common reasons for divorce to be dragged on and the number one reason you must get legal representation by an experienced divorce lawyers in Los Angeles. If you and your spouse are able to agree on fair terms, it’s probably going to be easier to settle out of court. The quicker parents agree on all of the issues pertaining to their children – the easier it is to settle out of court and make the divorce process easier.


  • Existing marital agreements: If you have signed a prenup or postnup, then it may end up settling the various marital issues. If you have an agreement like this already in place, it automatically “stops,” all the negotiations which would normally take place during a divorce. This is because the prenup/postnup is a written agreement "contract" which states what happens in the event a divorce takes place. 


  • Legal representation during divorce: If you have legal representation, then it can expedite things. If you have a competent and experienced divorce lawyer on your side – you can be confident going into any type of negotiation. If you’re trying to do the divorce on your own, it can be more difficult – since your personal emotions might interfere with the divorce proceedings.


What's A Pre-Screened California Divorce Lawyer?

While it’s possible to settle a divorce in Los Angeles before it gets to court – it’s extremely important you are aware this isn’t usually the case. Often, spouses have differences – and this can create a lot of friction when trying to negotiate a divorce settlement. We recommend you do not negotiate a divorce settlement without having legal representation.


We always recommend hiring a divorce lawyers in Los Angeles who is on your side. Negotiating a divorce agreement without experienced legal assistance is a mistake waiting to happen. Once you make the mistake, you can’t take it back. Writing your own settlement agreement is the # 1 reason spouses make mistakes. Legal language is difficult to understand and has long-term consequences.


Why choosing one of our divorce lawyers is the best choice?


  • Each divorce lawyer has been pre-screened.

  • We verify credentials, education, experience.

  • We run criminal background checks

  • We verify license status with the California State Bar

  • We monitor the attorney's performance while they work on your divorce case.

  • We make sure they charge reasonable attorney's fees.

  • Our referrals to divorce lawyers are impartial and unbiased.

  • We also make sure they keep you informed through the divorce process.


What happens after you are referred to a pre-screened divorce lawyer?


After you are referred to a pre-screened divorce lawyer, you will find that he or she will take the time to educate you about all possible outcomes during your personal legal consultation. 


Getting the best results after your divorce.


While our divorce lawyers will take the time to inform you about all possible outcomes, they will put forth every effort to achieve our goal: getting you the best outcome possible. Working with divorce lawyers who have been verified and monitored by our service will give you peace of mind from day one. 


What are the divorce fees?


Legal forms and court fees are standard and you will be aware of how much it will cost from day one. In regards to attorney's fees, our service makes sure your divorce lawyer does not overcharge you. This is another benefit when working with a California Bar Certified divorce lawyer referral service.


More often than not, we are contacted by people who have been taken advantage of by unlicensed document services, paralegals or people claiming to be divorce lawyers


Find the right divorce lawyer in your city.


When you submit your case details online, we take into consideration your place of residence and the particulars of your divorce case. You will then be referred to the best option available for a free, no-obligation legal consultation. You will then have time to make a decision on how to proceed with your divorce.


Either way, we will continue to monitor your divorce case until it is resolved.  


In the event that you cannot afford to pay for a lawyer, you will be directed to a local agency where you may find some free legal assistance. 

Additional Information: Before you hire a divorce lawyer in Los Angeles

>How a California divorce

lawyer can help.


Each state has set up some grounds for divorce that grant the right to petition the court for the breakup of the marital partnership to one of the spouses. Some reasons for divorce, such as adultery, cruel treatment, neglect or imprisonment, are fault-based. 

No-fault grounds for divorce are accepted by all jurisdictions. Some jurisdictions, however, demand that couples reside apart before their courts for a certain period of time. 
The marital partnership is allowed to break. 

A divorce lawyer should clarify if there are any advantages of asking the court to end the marriage on grounds of blame. For instance, in deciding whether spousal support will be required or how much support will be awarded, this may be important. 

In certain instances, there was a marital flaw. A legal provision may have been overlooked, it may not have been filed the correct paperwork or a oficial ceremony may not have been held to make the marriage legal.


A California divorce lawyer will discuss whether having a divorce is preferable to voiding or annulling the union.

Given the amount of years of legal practice of an attorney, he/she is only permitted to join our network or classify him/herself as "experienced" after having earned such qualification by

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