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The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967.

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Can I Sue for California Age Discrimination in the Workplace? How to Report Age Discrimination in California? Keep Reading and Find Out the Answer to These Questions.

Unfortunately, some employers prefer younger employees. This leads to some bosses discriminating against older employees and implementing unfair employment decisions based on age (i.e., hiring, firing, wage disparities, etc.)

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) has made it illegal for employers to do this. Some jobs require an age limit, but most don't.

If you feel like you've been experiencing age discrimination at California workplace, here's a quick guide to help you identify it and take action:

What Constitutes Age Discrimination In California Under ADEA?

A person 40 years of age or over is protected against age discrimination in California. According to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, employers with 20 or more workers are not allowed to discriminate against older workers. The Act guards against unfair treatment in the workplace.

Age-based discrimination frequently takes the following forms:

  • Choosing not to hire a candidate because of their age

  • Letting a worker go because of their age

  • A worker being demoted because of age

  • Mentioning age limits in job postings

  • Implementing and upholding corporate practices that have a discriminatory impact, such as refusing to hire candidates with 15+ years of experience

  • Reducing compensation for an individual because of their senior age

  • Denying applicants access to benefits (401k, health insurance, etc.) because of their age

Not every unfavorable employment decision a person 40 or older faces at work is motivated by their age. However, if age significantly influences the choice (as opposed to valid factors like work performance), you may consider filing an age discrimination claim with an ADEA Lawyer in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Age Discrimination Lawyers know their way around the law and can help you build a solid claim. Remember, you'll need to prove that there is discrimination in the workplace, so you can't file a claim and expect success without a strong case.

Salary-Based Termination In California

California forbids discrimination when terminating employees based on their salaries. Suppose an employee can prove their employer discriminated against older workers by terminating them based on their income. In that case, they may be successful in their age discrimination suit.

Although the law only addresses income disparities, other issues between younger and older workers, such as promotions and benefits, may be raised as instances of age discrimination under the FEHA. Of course, you'll need to prove that discrimination exists for a claim to be successful; hence, it's important to consult a prescreened ADEA Lawyer in Los Angeles before moving forward.

Mandatory retirement ages are also prohibited by the FEHA, even in legitimate private pension or retirement schemes. Employees must be permitted to continue working past the date specified in their individual pension or retirement plans if they express a desire to do so to their employer.

Exceptions To Age Discrimination Laws In California

Despite the many ways employment actions can fall under age discrimination, FEHA does not make it illegal for companies to do the following:

  • Promote among their current employees

  • Hire or promote based on experience and training

  • Rehire based on seniority and prior service

  • Hire through specific approved recruiting programs.

  • If other laws require it, you may also refuse to hire someone based on their age (e.g., child labor laws).

There might be some situations where it's hard to determine whether you have a valid employment law claim in California. You'll need your Los Angeles ADEA Lawyer to review your case and see if you're eligible to file a claim.

Harassment Rooted In Age Discrimination In Los Angeles

Harassing someone based on their age is prohibited.

For example, making derogatory comments about someone's age can be considered harassment. In addition, although simple teasing, casual remarks, and isolated, minor events are not criminal, they are considered harassment when they occur frequently or severely enough to foster a hostile work environment. They might also lead to an adverse employment decision (such as the victim being fired or demoted).

The harasser may be a coworker, the victim's boss, a supervisor in a different department, a client or customer, or a person who is not an employee of the firm. When this happens, contact your Los Angeles Age Discrimination Lawyer ASAP.

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