Google Screened Los Angeles Lawyers VS Lawyer Referral Services

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What is a Google screened lawyer and how to find the best lawyers in Los Angeles California?

In 2020, Google introduced Google Screened, a local service ads screening tool created exclusively for specialized professional service providers like Los Angeles employment lawyers, Los Angeles personal injury lawyers, workers' compensation lawyers, etc.

When local legal service ads for law firms show on search engine results pages, the goal of the Google Screened for Lawyers in Los Angeles initiative is to assist those law firms in building a solid reputation (SERPs).

But how does this program assist in enhancing the credibility of lawyers in Los Angeles? Completing the Google Screened procedure awards law firms with a badge that appears in the advertiser's local service ad. This badge demonstrates that the advertiser and their particular law firm have been screened by Google.

This is a great opportunity for local lawyers in Los Angeles to showcase their legal practice by going through an extra layer of approval before advertising on Google. However, this program is still another advertising option for lawyers in Los Angeles, but how does this program help consumers?

Google is an advertising platform, as such, the advantages the are targeted more for the business that advertise on their platform rather than the consumer. If your goal is to find vetted, highly qualified lawyers in Los Angeles, you should contact a California Bar Certified lawyer referral service instead.

Advantages of Google screened for Los Angeles Lawyers

After completing the application procedure and receiving approval to use the Google Screened platform to serve adverts, lawyers in Los Angeles can profit from the following:

High Search Engine Listing: If a Los Angeles lawyer has badge indicating that they have completed Google's screening program, their listing may appear higher in the search results. With this positioning, Google's search results will show their law firm listing ABOVE the pay-per-click advertisements. High placement indicates a greater chance that potential clients like you will visit their website and contact them regarding legal services.

Local Targeting: To ensure you are interacting with the proper people, your online marketing campaigns must be carefully planned. You need clients who are not only looking for the kind of legal services you provide, but you also need to make sure that these clients are local. By including this Google Screened emblem, you may make your website more visible to users who are looking for it.

Increased Credibility: When clients notice that a Los Angeles lawyer has a Google Screened badge, his or her credibility increases. For local attorneys, this represents a higher conversions than regular pay per click advertising schemes.

A Beneficial Boost For Local Law Firms: More leads for local Los Angeles lawyers translate into more money thanks to all of the previously mentioned elements, which all play a significant role. When your company has a top-notch website, positive online reviews, and a Google seal of approval, it creates the ideal environment for future business expansion.

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Are Google Screened Los Angeles lawyers the best option to find legal representation?

The short answer is no. Even though Los Angeles lawyers who want to participate in the google screened advertising program must go through an extra verification process, it is still a paid advertising alternative that benefits local attorneys more than consumers.

Contrary to Google Screened Los Angeles lawyers, a California Bar certified lawyer referral service in consumer oriented. The organizations pre-screen individual California attorneys rather than law firms.

Moreover, Los Angeles attorneys who are monitored by a certified lawyer referral service must constantly submit progress reports about each case, meet insurance and continuing educational requirements.

How Do Paid Search Ads Differ From Google Screened?

Google Screened Los Angeles lawyers and conventional sponsored search or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising differ primarily in two ways:

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are positioned underneath Google Screened Ads in SERPs. As a result, before PPC advertisements, potential leads would see ads in the Google Screened for Los Angeles Lawyers carousel when they search for terms like "best Los Angeles personal injury lawyer near me" or "wrongful termination lawyer Los Angeles." Lawyers pay for each lead that calls their law firm from their Google Screened ad. Unlike PPC advertisements, which they pay for with each click (hence the name).

How do I find the best lawyer in Los Angeles for my case?

The California State Bar has a directory of certified lawyer referral services on their website. has been a certified lawyer referral service since 2005, and we've helped thousands of local residents find competent, honest, and reputable lawyers in Los Angeles.

Our vetting process is more stringent and ongoing. To find the best lawyer in Los Angeles for your case, submit your contact details online and you'll get an answer within minutes. You'll be matched with a pre-screened local lawyer near you for a FREE legal consultation.

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California State Bar Certified Lawyer Referral And Information Service is a California State Bar Certified and approved Lawyer Referral and Information Service.

We provide unbiased and impartial lawyer referrals. This service isn't owned nor operated by lawyers receiving. referrals.


Our objective is that you receive the best comprehensive, high-quality legal representation while holding California attorneys to the highest standards of professional conduct.

Why Lawyer Referrals Matter


The California State Bar investigates on average 16,000 complaints of professional misconduct by attorneys annually.

We offer unbiased California attorney referrals and conduct due diligence by researching and recommending the best local attorney for your case. 


We verify attorneys are in good standing and have the required experience in the type of law related to your legal issue. 

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Since 2005, we have assisted people who need legal representation but whose ability to locate reputable California Lawyers is frustrated by unreliable law firm marketing of self-promoting lawyers and biased legal advertising.

How the LRS Works 

Anyone seeking competent and honest legal representation in California, can request a FREE lawyer referral. 

Once you submit your case details online, our legal 24-hour legal department will review your claim and reply via email. Most cases are reviewed and answered within 15 minutes. 


A free 30 minute consultation with the attorney will be offered to each referred client. 

A representative will follow up a few days later via email with the client after receiving a referral for quality management purposes, or to obtain the status of the case. 

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Attorneys are available in most areas of law throughout Southern California. Every lawyer in or network has been vetted for:

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