How To Identify Workplace Religion-Based Discrimination In California

Your Employers And Co-Workers Cannot Discriminate Against Your Religious Beliefs

The Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) outlaws discrimination against employees based on religion or beliefs. This includes affirmative mandates that employers accommodate employees' religious practices and observances at work. Yet, despite this, employers and co-workers continue to show callous intolerance and hostility toward individuals based on their faith.

So, let's look at the employment rights and protections for every employee's religion, as referenced by California employment lawyers.

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Unfortunately, there have been instances in California where employers have discriminated against employees based on their religious beliefs. These acts can be deceptive, as an employer will try to make it appear as though their selections were based on other factors to avoid being detected.

Employers can discriminate in a variety of ways in the workplace, including:

  • Terminating an employee for taking time off to perform or attend a religious festival after they had requested time off

  • Refusing to give a bonus or a promotion to an employee because they discussed religious ideas with co-workers outside of work hours, such as at meals or free time breaks

  • Putting a worker in a position where, due to their religious clothing, they will have little contact with the public

  • Religious views or observations are used to disqualify an otherwise competent applicant for the job

California has some of the most comprehensive labor laws in the country, ensuring that employees are not subjected to discrimination. If you've experienced any of the following (or comparable situations), contact an Employment Lawyer in Los Angeles right now.